Review Policies

As of 2016, I’ve significantly cut back on those I blog for. My belief in “sponsorship” is that it should be an equal give and take. In exchange for goods, I blog and advertise the items here and on flickr. I have a large following on both platforms and I believe in always creating the best images possible and giving all relevant information. That means, I include links, titles, landmarks, and credit. I’m also syndicated on many feeds which in turn further advertise to a larger audience. My blog is an established fashion blog focusing on RP/Fantasy, though recently it’s been focused on basically all things fashion. My blog is personal and from time to time I’ll express my feelings on subjects. You may agree or disagree however this is MY BLOG and I will use it as I wish.

If you’d like to see your items on this blog you can email me or pass me review copies inworld. HOWEVER. I am under no obligation to blog your items until we are in agreement upon Official Blogger Status. This goes for both events and designers. If I don’t like something at all, you won’t find it on this blog because I just won’t blog it. I only blog things that I either A. love, B. find interesting, or C. find that it should reach a wider audience.

In World: Sorcha Irelund


Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust!


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