Sometimes I ask for opinions on my photos from other photographers and sometimes they give decent advice and other times not so decent advice. Ha! I’m glad I stuck by my guns on this one. I really love the iridescent lightness of this photo. It makes the gorgeous outfit by Ersch I’m wearing so otherworldly. I love that. I’ve paired it with Ersch’s jewelry from Enchantment and honestly, I feel like a royal snowflake. Remember to check my links below for slurls to all the events and store locations of the items featured in this post. 

HAIR: Tableau Vivant \\ Tempest hair – Colors

HEAD: GENUS ProjectGenus Head – Baby Face W001 – Mocap

SKIN: Le Forme Ice Queen skin ~ Available now at Enchantment ~

EYES: [Heaux] Snowfall Eyes – FATPACK ~ Available now at Enchantment ~

TATTOO: unstable. Frost Bite Shine – White ~ Available now at Enchantment ~

JEWELRY: ERSCH – Snow Maiden Set with HUD ~ Available now at Enchantment ~

OUTFIT: ERSCH – Araneae  {Lara} Corset RARE & Bottoms ~Available now at Gacha Garden~

POSE: Fashiowl – Reminiscence – ~ available now at WLRP ~

FINGER PARTICLES: .Tardfish. Snow Magic ~ Available now at Enchantment ~

SCENE: ~ASW~ The Iclyn Backdrop ~ Available now at Enchantment ~

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