The Antique Shoppe

The Antique Shoppe

This incredible set is available now at UBER and I gotta say, I am blown away by the intense detail in this build & décor. I am completely in love. It’s beyond beautifully haunting. I’ve added some bits and bobs from some other DRD builds that I felt suited the scene. However, most décor in this set is available at UBER along with the build. It’s a Gacha, so prepare yourselves. LOL! You’ll want everything. 

Antique shoppe by DRD (DEATH ROW DESIGNS) ~ Available now at UBER

I wanted to make a disclaimer on my blog, I’ll continue doing fantasy/fashion post/ However, I’ve decided to finally fulfill my build & décor bug. So, you’ll also see home décor post now. I hope you all enjoy the new content. 

This set was set up in a specific way. I made it specifically for lifestyle purposes. So set is actually walkable and it wasn’t just posed for the photo. I like being able to showcase the build not only in a photo but also for those wandering around. I added the check-out counter from another DRD build to make it a practical antique shoppe for wandering purposes. The angle at which I took this was specific to showcase that amazing staircase. 

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