Life Is A Cabaret!


Yes, what good is sitting, alone in the room?
Come, hear the music play
Life is a cabaret, old chum
Come to the cabaret
Put down that knitting
That book and the broom
Time for a holiday
Life is a cabaret, old chum
So come to the cabaret

Come taste the wine
Come hear the band
Yes, it’s time for celebrating
Right this way, your table’s waiting!

No use permitting some prophet of doom
Wipe all your smiles away
Life is a cabaret, old chum
So come to the cabaret, yeah! -Cabaret

HAIR: [KoKoLoReS] Hair – Brook ~ available now at Hair Fair 2019

HEAD: Baby Face W001 by Genus Project

SKIN: #9  [PUMEC]  –  LISA  – APRIL — GENUS app. ~ Available now at Kustom9

NECKLACE: LaGyo_Stardust Necklaces & Earrings – Gold ~ Available now at Collabor88

RINGS: (Yummy) Galaxy Ring Set ~ Available now at Collabor88

OUTFIT: Pure Poison  – Jennifer Outfit – ~ Available now at Kustom9

POSE: Le Poppycock *La Parisienne* Ennui (table, chairs, and pose)


Dutchie corner stage

Dutchie stage lights

Saintstreet Cabaret Backdrop

*ionic* theater speaker – black

*ionic* Antique microphone


Dutchie’s corner stage and stage lights consists of 2 parts, the first a simple corner stage in wood and linoleum that is easily re-sizable to all sides. The other is a ceiling fixture that holds 4 vintage stage lights.
Easiest is to drag the 2 parts out of inventory together, keep them both selected and drag them to the right place. Then select each part individually to adjust height etc.

The lights have 9 different color settings that take full advantage of the Advanced Lighting Model of Second Life.
PLEASE NOTE: the 9 lights look their best with the Advanced Lighting Model turned on. (Control P for preferences, Graphics tab)
Click on the lights for the different settings. Access to these settings can be set to owner, group or all.

The light settings can look very different depending on the size of your room or the height of your ceiling. If you want to adjust the lights to fit your surrounding, you can do 2 things:
– Right-click on the lights and choose Edit, then Edit Linked. Click on each of the light-bulbs to rotate them, which moves the direction of the lights.
– If you want to change the intensity or colors of the lights, put them in the setting that comes closes to the result you want. Right-click on the lights and choose Edit, then Edit Linked. Click on each of the light-bulbs, and go to the Features tab. In this menu you can change the intensity, radius, focus, color and more. It’s probably best to delete the scripts after this (But keep a scripted copy in your inventory).

• Land impact of 1 prim for the stage and 12 for the stage lights, will go up when enlarged
• 100% original mesh
• Materials applied
• Mod and Copy

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