Endless Summer

endless summer smiles

Surfin’ is the only life
The only way for me
Now surf, surf with me
Bom bom dit di dit dip
Bom bom dit di dit dip
I got up this mornin’ turned on my radio
I was checkin’ on the surfin’ scene
To see if I would go
And when the dj tells me that the surfin’ is fine
That’s when I know my baby and I will have a good time – Surfing’ Safari by the Beach Boys


HAIR: {Letituier} Violet Hair – Fatpack ~ Available at Swank Event

HEAD: Baby Face W001 by Genus Project

SKIN: [theSkinnery] Rain (Genus) ~ Available now at Anthem

BIKINI: :::WILD::: Swimwear Fiji Bikini ~ Available at Swank Event

SHOES: {zfg} francie fatpack ~ Available at Swank Event

POSE: FOXCITY. Tomorrow Bento Pose Set ~ Available at Uber {June 25 to July 22}

CEBO backdrop “SURFERS BEACH” ~ Available at Swank Event Home & Garden

-Surf Board, Beach Shacks all by CEBO ~ Available at Swank Event Home & Garden


#18ULTRARARE[MRS]Beach House by [Marushin]

Endless Summer

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