Duchess and myself have been hard at work over the last week creating something truly special. CAMP IPPOS! We looked around Nymphai and decided it needed a change… We love our SIMs but sometimes they need a little makeover and what better way to give a facelift then with a good old fashioned SUMMER CAMP! …We’re gonna have it all year round, don’t worry.

There has been a trend in Second Life with people not wanting to settle down and just needing to park for a day, a week…even a month. We’re answering this call in the most fun way! Camping! That’s right! Come and join Camp Ippos with your friends and family for amazing activities like biking, boating, horse trails, swimming, live performances, and so much more! We welcome everyone to have a rest from the everyday hustle. Pitch a tent, park an RV, or simply lay out under the stars… doesn’t matter to us, so long as you’re having fun!

The campground parcels will be available to rent  TODAY! Please keep your eyes out and get ready to party! All the LINKS will be updated accordingly. We will also have a schedule going up shortly with all the liver performances as well ❤




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