…Swept Up In the Moment…

WE LOVE ROLE PLAY opens on the 4th of each Month

COLLABOR88  opens on the 8th of each Month



THE CHAPTER FOUR opens on the 4th of each Month

THE SECRET AFFAIR opens on the 15th of each Month

GENRE opens on the 15th of each Month

SHINY SHABBY opens on the 21th of each Month

THE LIAISON COLLABORATIVE  Opens 15th of each month


I am feeling this hair by REZOLOGY! DAMN! It’s called, “Windswept” and it’s freaking perfect in every way. This hair is not only stunning in basic shading but it’s absolutely spectacular with materials enabled. I can’t explain how incredibly awesome this hair is. REZOLOGY has always been on my radar, but when I was chosen to blog for them I flipped out! Every hair is unique and gorgeous in it’s own light. I’m particularly fond of this hair since it has that feeling of movement, however I’ve been going through their catalog and DYIN’ over the beauty. I’m telling you right here and now that this brand is one to watch! Has everyone been to Shiny Shabby yet? Y’all better go before it closes! I’m wearing an outfit by a label I hadn’t really heard of called, Excellence. I’m super impressed with this outfit. Like. It’s fucking good. I showed my friend Naj and she TPed to the event right then and there to get it. Ha! Naj is NOT easily impressed…so take that as you like. I hope everyone’s Wednesday is going well. We’re half way through the week people. You can do it!


Swept Up In the Moment BASE CREDITS

HAIR: Windswept by REZOLOGY

HEAD: Annie by Catwa

MAKEUP: Contour Kit in Caramel Bae by .tpr. (The Powder Room) <—-NEW RELEASE


OVERALLS: Overalls by [Excellence] available now at  Shiny Shabby

TEE: Ketchup in Black by [Excellence] available now at  Shiny Shabby

COAT: Polten by [Excellence] available now at  Shiny Shabby



SHOES: Sneakers Star by [Excellence] available now at  Shiny Shabby


POSE: I’m Fine Pose Pack by NOMORE available now at Sanarae

LOCATION: Neva River Village 

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