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So…I’m seeing everyone walking around in Harley Quinn shit and that’s all good and well, however! I’ve always been and always will be a Selena Kyle. Always. Cat Woman is the badass of badasses. She’s the sexiest, most seductive, and most kick ass character DC has. So. Argument over. PERIOD! LOL. Tomorrow, Duchess and I plan on doing a series of DC Female centric photos, but I just couldn’t wait. I wanted to immediately post this after being inspired by Fawny’s “Dangerous Cat” gacha. I’m not sure what it was for…but it was back in December and I’m JUST seeing this. yeah. I was peeved. Like, I’ve wanted this cat suit and mask for the longest time! Squee. I love it. It’s amazing. I paid a shit load for it, but I don’t care. It’s perfect.

If you haven’t already seen my Flickr then you’ll have zero idea about my new makeup applier line. It’s called, “The Powder Room” and it’s only for CATWA at this moment, but will be for every mesh head & standard avi in the future. I’ve released my first kit and it’s called “The Contour Kit”. It’s available only in the Fair Bae shades right now, but will be available in Caramel be and Chocolate bar tomorrow. Sorry…life is busy. can’t do it all. Each kit comes with the base highlight, contour, & blush but also full face freckles, nose freckles, and full faced freckles without the contour as a bonus! It’s available now on Marketplace and at my temp store on Nympahi. I’ll leave the links below as always and I’d love to hear your feedback! Rock on, Fantanistas!



 EYES: Sona Eyes by The Skinnery available now at The Chapter 4

HEAD:  Jessica by Catwa

SKIN: Sarah for Catwa by L’Etre

CONTOUR: Contour Kit in Fair Bae by .tpr. (The Powder Room) <—-NEW RELEASE

LIPS: Nurin Lipsticks for cats by Essences 

TATTOO: by Bolson


OUTFIT: Dangerous cat Jumpsuit & Mask RARE by FAWNY


COLLAR: Raven Collar by Etham available now at The Epiphany 

Bastet Sphinx by Pixicat 

BELT:  Rebellion Belt by Abrasive

SHOES: Bergamot by #EMPIRE


POSE: Crouching by Sari-Sari

tpr contour ad

Contour Kit Caramel Bae Ad

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