…Entitled…RANT POST!

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THE CHAPTER FOUR opens on the 4th of each Month

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I realize that some of you don’t enjoy my rant postings…but…I gotta get this out. When someone says something completely untrue about you…even though it’s in Secondlife and doesn’t technically upset your Real life, I just get pissed. Going around and talking a bunch of shit just makes you look desperate… So before you open your mouth remember to ask yourself, “Is it really worth the drama?”. It’s so not. I happen to live a very blessed real Life and for that i am eternally grateful, so when someone opens her mouth and tries to “ruin” my Second Life I gotta sit back and ask myself, “This person must be super unhappy.” We all make mistakes…We all learn from them. Unfortunately some of us just don’t know how to grow the fuck up. Now, I shouldn’t get pissed because this is Second Life and for me SL is strictly a game… It’s a way to express myself through style and blogging. When drama begins to creep in I just can’t even… Now, I’ve heard a bunch of rumors about me, which make me giggle because they are complete nonsense. When people talk about you badly or repeat something that someone else told them badly you are shaming others. That’s just sad. Devaluing someone else is just plain sad. I have been guilty of this…We all have. It’s apart of the human condition. It’s a matter of separating yourself from the little girls and standing up as a woman. That’s all I have to say for now…because…I just can’t even with these children. Get. A. Life.

On another note, Shiny Shabby is killing it with this round! So much adorableness… Ugh. I love LOVE love this dress from valentina E. Her designs are freaking superb. Honestly. I’m also obsessed with this hair by Beausy which is at a new event that I’m equally obsessed with called, “Black Wall Street” I can’t get enough! Happy Thursday and remember YOU ARE LOVED. YOU ARE IMPORTANT. YOU ARE AWESOME.



HAIR: Amore by Beausy available now at Black Wallstreet

HEAD: Jessica by Catwa

HAIRBASE: Hairbase 05 for Catwa by Just Magnetized available now at The Skin Fair

MOLES: Beauty Marks for Catwa by Just Magnetized available now at The Cosmetics Fair

TATTOO: Notorious by [White Widow] available now at Skin Fair


DRESS: Browyn Dress by Valentina E. available now at  Shiny Shabby


BAG:The Grimoire Bag & Clutch in Blush by The Plastik available soon at Shiny Shabby 

SHOES: Manila by Essenz available now  at Shiny Shabby


Dogs with pose : Fashiowl – I am safe

Label Motion Flower Pose available now at  Shiny Shabby

“Walking the Dogs” by Kynne L.

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