WE LOVE ROLE PLAY opens on the 4th of each Month

COLLABOR  opens on the 8th of each Month



THE CHAPTER FOUR opens on the 4th of each Month

THE FANTASY COLLECTIVE opens on the 22st of each Month

THE SECRET AFFAIR opens on the 15th of each Month

GENRE opens on the 15th of each Month


SHINY SHABBY opens on the 21th of each Month

THE EPIPHANY opens January 12th

THE LIAISON COLLABORATIVE  Opens 15th of each month


ENCHANTMENT Opens February 14th

Okay guys. Happy Friday. First of all, have you been through the Fifty Linden Friday list? You should. Here, let me give it to you: FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAY.

I’ve already been through and picked up the Glam Affair skins for the LOGO head. So cute! However, I haven’t worn the LOGO head in quite sometime and I’m having trouble…I need an OMEGA applier… UGH. Whatever. I’ll figure it out. So… Cats released a MALE mesh head and it’s -swoons- McDreamy. It took me a while to make a male avatar, so don’t laugh at me… It’s hard. I’m in love with this head… handsome, rugged, and realistic. I’m sure this is going to be a HUGE hit. I hope I see this soon on some dudes… I do like a well put together man.

I’m also showing off some Arcade items from What Next and some adorable Foxes from We ❤ RP. They’r from JIAN and I’m particularly taken with these little red foxes. They come in both animated and static versions. Oh! Also Artisan Fantasy has this sweet little decor set out at The Chapter 4! They’re these adorable vases that spell out JOY and….yes…they bring me joy.

{Reverie} & !Aphorism! have released some amazing stuff for The Men’s Department! This incredible coat from {Reverie} isn’t just a coat, but a shirt, vest, tie, and coat. Yeah…complete package. You’re gonna want this for either yourself to your man. Not to be outdone, Rucy from Aphorism has released these bitchen boots! They;re called the “Brogue” and they’re something every man should have. I mean, these bad boys scream class and sophistication… they’re hot. I hope everyone is having an awesome Friday!





HEAD: Jackson by   CATWA <—-NEW NEW NEW

BODY: Deluxe Male Body by The Mesh Projects

COAT: Liam Jacket’s in Green by {Reverie} Available now at The Men’s Department 

PANTS: Cassidy Suit Pants by !APHORISM! 

SHOES: Brogue Boots by !APHORISM!  Available now at The Men’s Department 

SCARF: Izzie’s Winter Scarf by Izzie’s 


Amaryllis JOY by Artisan Fantasy Available now at  The Chapter 4

Winter Bench by {What Next} Available now at The Arcade 

Winter Bike by {What Next} Available now at The Arcade 

Red Fox Family (Static) by JIAN Available now at  We  RP

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