…All Bundled Up…

WE LOVE ROLE PLAY opens on the 4th of each Month

COLLABOR88  opens on the 8th of each Month



THE CHAPTER FOUR opens on the 4th of each Month

THE FANTASY COLLECTIVE opens on the 22st of each Month

THE SECRET AFFAIR opens on the 15th of each Month

GENRE opens on the 15th of each Month


SHINY SHABBY opens on the 21th of each Month

THE EPIPHANY opens October 12th <—-CLOSES SOON!



ENCHANTMENT Opens November 14th

Please excuse the long post in advance. There is so much to say and show. However, if you’re bored with my incessant ramblings, please pull forward. Today We ❤ Role Play opens and boy-oh-boy are you all in for a HUGE round of awesomeness!  I’m always so impressed with the designers for this event. I mean I understand it’s all role play centered, which I happen to love. however I totally think this event crosses genres and boundaries. Don’t be fooled. just because it’s called, We ❤ RP doesn’t mean you can’t go and shop for some incredible things. from skin to bicycles, Home Decor to hair, and weapons to gowns. Trust me. This is a one stop shop for all your role play and non role play related things. I thought I’d show off some fantastic hair by *TKW* called, “Sofya”. If you haven’t noticed I’m way into to hair that seems like it’s moving or has some sort of awesome style that feels alive. This hair comes in two lengths and two different style choices. it can be worn on the shoulders or down the back and for that, I’m thankful. I don’t have huge boobies, however when I’m wearing a scarf like this one soon to be released at Collabor88 from The plastic, I don’t want hair all caught up in it. So. Yeah. If you’re looking for an awesome, affordable, and super wearable hair. Pick this batgirl up now!

My other obsession lately has been this Bake Shoppe from Artisan Fantasy. Now listen. It’s a Gacha. I know. I know. Before you groan, just hear me out. There’re so many pieces, that i truly believe every pull is worth it. It’s soon to be available at the fantasy Gacha carnival and it’s reasonably priced. trust me. I’ve included the Vendor Ads to show you every piece. I’ve also set up a little Bakery on my SIM for those wishing to take photographs, relax, or simply wander about. The LM is listed in the credits, so be sure to check it out! Lately I’ve been all about comfort and this dress from Dead Dollz, that I’ve totally repurposed as a long tunic has been my go to item since The Gacha Garden opened. Guys. can we talk about this dress? UGH! It’s so good. it fits my body perfectly and is so sleek and chic. I really can’t get enough of it. I’ve paired it with !Aphorism’s new “taper Trousers” at Shiny Shabby because…I truly believe they were meant to go together. LOOK AT THIS OUTFIT!

These trousers are sublime and perfectly textured. get up in the photo an zoom in to see that texture work. I can almost feel the textile and when that happens, I stand and applaud the designer. Rucy knows I absolutely love him, but I’m not gonna bullshit you guys. Dude knows his stuff. Please go and try a demo of these pants. They really are a must-have for your closet. Plus they look super dope next to “The wander” Boots from The Plastik available n the 8th at C88. Now, Someone close to me told me that my blog is becoming a full on advertisement for The plastik and I get that, that can be annoying but it’s super close to me. I work hand in hand with Vae designing these items now. It means so much to me when I see people wearing it out and about. I happen to love it. however, I’ll totally tone down my Plastik login’ here. Ha!

Oo! last but certainly not least, my lovey dove Ravenghost of Ravenghost interiors released this fucking badass Bicycle for We ❤ RP. Dude. “The Penny Farthing” experience is just that. An experience, I’m gonna try and upload a GIF of me riding the bike because it’s fucking adorable… Go and spend your hard earned money today. because. Why not?


All Bundled UpCREDITS

HAIR: Sofya B by *TKW* in Black Available now at WE ❤ RP

HEAD: Annie UPDATED head by  CATWA

SKIN: Amanda for  CATWA by DeetaleZ <—NEW RELEASE

TOP: Gertrude Dress RARE by Dead Dollz Available now at the  The Gacha Garden

BOTTOM: Taper Trousers in Grey by  !APHORISM! Available now at  Shiny Shabby

SCARF: Bitter Chill Scarf in Weave by :[P]:The Plastik Available soon at C88

JEWELRY: Bogo Set GACHA by Meva Available now at the  The Gacha Garden

BAG:  Vintage leather bag in Black by ZENITH Available now at  Shiny Shabby

BOOTS: The Wander Boots in Ash by :[P]:The Plastik Available soon at C88

PET:  Puff Pups-Puff Wagon Express RARE & Bundled Puff by JIAN Available soon at The Gacha Garden

POSE: Miki by Kirin Poses 

LOCATION: …Feel free to come and check out Artisan Fantasy’s Bake Shoppe set up on my parcel…


Log Piles by DDD Dysfunctional Designs

Bumpy Scattered Leaved by DDD Dysfunctional Designs

Pumpkins by DDD Dysfunctional Designs

Sourwood Tree Cluster by The Little Branch Available now at FamEShed

Graywood House by CONVAIR Available now at  Shiny Shabby

Artisan Bake Shoppe by  Artisan Fantasy Available soon at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Penny Farthing Bicycle Experience by Ravenghost Interiors Available now at WE ❤ RP

Chair Swing in Yellow by [ZERKALO] 

All Bundled Up Details

AFAD_BakeShoppeGacha AFAD_BakeShoppeIGachaKey

*LM’s NOT given will be updated upon Event Opening. Thank you 😀

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