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“When witches go riding and Black Cats are seen, the moon stops to whisper,”tis Halloween!”

It’s not like me to NOT have much to say. Har har har. However, tonight’s Halloween and it gets a bit busy in my hood. Parties to go to, people to see, drinks to be drunk. Drank. Drunkeded? I hope everyone’s halloween has been as spectacular as mine! I took this photo yesterday and had a bit of time to myself today to place this post together…so…to end my 31 Days Of Halloween celebration on my blog, I thought I’d send you off with this sweet photo. This photo represents all that is Halloween to me. There is an innocence and pure joy that rushes through me when I think of being a child and donning a homemade costume to run out into the night and collect goodies! It was the one night of the year where it was okay to be someone else and it was encouraged to be wild and free – just for that one night. Pumpkins decorate lawns and leaves crunch underfoot. It’s magical. I know that many see Halloween as a stepping stone to Christmas, but Halloween is MY Christmas. It evokes memories so deeply engrained in my mind that I can smell the smells of my childhood. That, to me, is the most special feeling in the world.

This photo happened very organically. It really…just happened. I had been prancing around in !gO!’s “Gretel” outfit and I just knew that this was something that needed to be the main focus. The design is superb. It may not be tight or “sexy.” However… it is utterly romantic. Can’t you feel the warmth of the cable knit against your skin? Or the breeziness of the midi-skirt? This outfit IS fall. It IS Autumn, and Jian’s new “puffs” for the Gacha Garden were the perfect compliment to it. Nothing says warmth like a pile of Pomeranians. They’re perfect. And finally, Moon Elixir’s stunning “Harvest” accessories set for The Fantasy Collective just elevate this look to the ultimate sophistication. Yes, these pieces can easily be worn in a Role Play setting…which was my first thought when wearing them. However, there is something rustic and charming about them that can easily translate between Modern and Medieval/Fantasy. If you’re looking for a comfy, autumnal date night look, then I’d say we have a winner here. Happy Halloween, Fantanistas!


P.S. Don’t eat all the candy.

Halloween NightCREDITS

HAIR: Jildou by MINA Available soon at The Gacha Garden

HEAD: Jessica UPDATED head by  CATWA

SKIN: Denise for  CATWA by Glam Affair Available soon at The Gacha Garden

LIPSTICK: Lipstick Applier Set by CATWA

JEWELRY: Harvest Accessories Collection by Moon Elixir Available now at TFC

OUTFIT: Gretel Knit Dress by !gO! in Sepia <—NEW NEW NEW RELEASE

PETS: Puff Pups-Puff Wagon Express RARE & Bundled Puff by JIAN Available soon at The Gacha Garden

SHOES: Baltimore Heels by ESSENZ Available soon at The Gacha Garden

POSE: Stroll With Me (Couples pose) by !bang Available now at Shiny Shabby


Scarecrow by [ZERKALO] 

Pumpkins by DDD Dysfunctional Designs <—NEW NEW NEW

Halloween Decor (Ghosties) by TANNHAUSER 

*LM’s not given will be given upon event opening. Thank you.

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