…It’s A Halloween Party!…

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“When witches go riding and Black Cats are seen, it’s13 days until Halloween!

Hey guys! I’m so so so sorry, but I’m in New York at the moment visiting with family, so my time is limited for the next week. I apologize in advance. I’m still going to get some post out, but my overly wordy and extremely long blog post (which I know you all just LOVE) will probably not be a thing this week. So. Sorry. I wanted to show off some more goodies from TAG, Wayward Halloween, Shiny Shabby, and Kustom9. I can’t get over LUAS “Candy Bar” for Wayward. It’s too freakin’ cute. STOP IT, Ainara!  It’s so good to see her branching out into decor. She’s so talented and it makes me happy when she produces other goodies for us! I’m also freaking out over this insanely pretty dress from Dead Dollz! Kiddo! What the heck is this for?! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I’m all about a high collar and long sleeved mini dress. Like. All about it. I’m living for this right here! Speaking of living, Vae and I have been hard at work on Shiny Shabby goodness and I hope everyone is as thrilled with these “Paramour” Boots as we are! Vae’s placed her heart into these and it truly shows. I love the detailed pearls and worn leather. The boots are available in a variety of stunning colors, including a Shiny Shabby exclusive…stark white boots covered in thick red blood. We’re disgusting. It’s a thing. Please Please Please let us know if you’re into these boots and if you’d like to see more like them in the future. To end this Sunday Edition, I wanted to show off JIAN’s stupidly cute “Mischief” Backpacks for Wayward and {Reverie}’s “School Spooky Craft Set” for Kustom9. I really can’t tell you how in love I am with everything in this scene. from the cats to the dogs, the balloons to the cake, and the boots to the jewels. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Oh! Today’s 31 Days Of Halloween post is, “This is my costume. Deal with it”. It’s all I got at the moment. SORRY!


Halloween PartyCREDITS

HEAD: Rita Blinker RARE by  Genesis Lab Available now at Kustom9

HAIR: Ondira by [DUE] in the Essentials Pack Available now at Wayward Halloween!

HAT: Witchcraft Wannabe Hat in Noir by {Reverie} Available now at Wayward Halloween!

WINGS:  Witchcraft Wannabe Wings in Noir by {Reverie} Available now at Wayward Halloween!

CAPE: Vamp Capelet in Black RARE by PEQE Available now at TAG

DRESS: Young Witch by  Dead Dollz for Maitreya

JEWELRY: Anais Jewelry Set by :[P]:The Plastik Available soon at  Shiny Shabby

BOOTS: Paramour Boots in Black Leather by :[P]:The Plastik Available soon at  Shiny Shabby

POSE: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice #7 by {NANTRA} Available now at TAG


Hotdof Corgi Pet RARE, Plopped Moogie Corgie, Plopped Corgie by Sweetthing & darkstare Available now at TAG

Schoolwork Spooky Crafts by {Reverie} Available now at Kustom9

Witchcraft Wannabe Cats RARE & COMMON by {Reverie} Available now at Wayward Halloween!

Halloween Candy Bar by LUAS Available now at Wayward Halloween!

Michief Backpacks by Jian Available now at Wayward Halloween!

Halloween Party Decor by [Toiz] Available now at Wayward Halloween!

Spooky Coffins by  DDD Dysfunctional Designs  <—NEW NEW NEW

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