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“When witches go riding and Black Cats are seen, it’s18 days until Halloween!

Oo! Yes, I know. I was M.I.A. yesterday. I needed a me day, so I took it. for today’s 31 Day’s Of Halloween I decided to go with something a bit gory. Today’s look is brought to you by THE EPIPHANY & TAG GACHA! I cannot tell you how obsessed I am over The Epiphany. Seriously. i can’t put it into words. I haven’t actually been able to get in, however I have a good feeling about trying tonight. SO. Stay tuned. Either way, I was lucky enough to get my hands on some awesome goodies from the event. JIAN has hit a grand slam this round with this perfectly grotesque bat! I’m absolutely goo goo gaga over the spikes and Halloween candy stuck to it. It’s a RARE and being a RARE comes with a HUD to change the bow, studs, and bat color. Dead Dollz also hit it outta the park with this gorgeous lingerie set, also available at The Epiphany. I’m wearing a common, which is the “Valerie” set in black. Every set is spectacular, so you’re really not ever losing or getting something you don’t want. win win. Ha! Now, not to be outdone The Plastik’s released the “Apostle” horns and jewelry as well. I know I’ve already blogged these a few times, but today I’m wearing the Commons! Which aren’t common at all. In my humble opinion. I can’t wait to get my paws on more Epiphany items, but in the meantime can we chat about TAG Gacha?! Guys. It’s going to be amazing. I cannot stress enough how much fun this event is! I’m showing off The Skinnery’s RARE “Bloody Ghost 3” Catwa Applier. Oh.Mi.Gawd. Can we just fucking die over this? Seriously. I’m dead. It goes perfectly with CATWA’s new “Annie Vampire” Mesh head (which I’m wearing). I just can’t with CATWA. I’m in love with everything. STOP IT! Pfft. Let’s move onto JIAN again, who released these fucking adorable creepy creatures for TAG! My macabre and morbid side of me squealed in delight when I saw the skeletal puppy an kitten and my little black heart left with joy when I attached the mutant bunny.

There is just too much in this photo. All of which I love. Last but certainly not least, my pretty dolly Sohma from Papermoon has released a shit ton of awesome goodies, all of which I’ll link below. I hope everyone has a fabulous Tuesday. Don’t forget to pick up your 25L Tuesday list, JIAN is on it with some super adorable earrings. Happy shopping!


Bloody MaryCREDIT

HAIR: Mania Barbed Wire FREEBIE by Alice Project Available now at The Nightmare

EYES: Seizure Eyes by Antielle Available soon at TAG

HEAD: Annie Vampire by CATWA

SKIN: Bloody Ghost 3 RARE by  The Skinnery Available soon at TAG

HORNS: Apostle Horns COMMON by  The Plastik Available now at The Epiphany 

JEWELRY: Apostle Necklace & Earrings by  The Plastik Available now at The Epiphany 

TATTOO: HsotD RARE by Antielle Available soon at TAG

LINGERI: Valeri Bra & Panties COMMON by Dead Dollz Available now at The Epiphany 

GLOVES: Sanderson Bloody Gloves EXCLUSIVE by  JIAN Available now for MIX

BOOTS: Leather Strap Boots by ISON Available now for MIX

WEAPON: Wee Bats SPIKY by  JIAN Available now at The Epiphany 

PET: Cuddle Creepers White Bunny by JIAN Available soon at TAG

POSE: Fright 2 by Elephante Poses 


Wrapped Corpses by Contraption GROUP GIFT

Odd Skulls by Contraption GROUP GIFT

Cuddle Creepers Puppy RARE, Kitty RARE, Fishbowl by  JIAN Available soon at TAG

Occult Books, Manual of Cartomancy by PaperMoon

Book Stacks: The Evil Eyes by PaperMoon Available now at The Nightmare

Bloody Curtains and Rug by PaperMoon Available now at The Nightmare

Moving Photo: Storm is Coming by PaperMoon Available at GENRE

*TAG LM will become Available upon Opening, thanks!

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