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WE LOVE ROLE PLAY opens on the 4th of each Month

COLLABOR88  opens on the 8th of each Month



THE CHAPTER FOUR opens on the 4th of each Month

THE FANTASY COLLECTIVE opens on the 22st of each Month

THE SECRET AFFAIR opens on the 15th of each Month

GENRE opens on the 15th of each Month


SHINY SHABBY opens on the 20th of each Month

THE EPIPHANY opens October 12th


IDK opens on the 16th of each Month


ENCHANTMENT Opens November 14th

“When witches go riding and Black Cats are seen, it’s 23 days until Halloween!”

One more sleep till FRIDAY! Squeee! For today’s 31 Days of Halloween I decided to do a lighter look. Something sweet, pink, and pretty for those of you who prefer the softer side of All Hollow’s Eve. Storybook released a super pretty gown for The Fantasy Collective called, “Sinister” and though the name may be dark the gown is NOT! The wrapped bodice, silk skirt, and unique design play so well together. I was particularly impressed with the fit. I didn’t need any sort of adjustment and for me, that’s always a win! The gown is available in a variety of sizes, standard and mesh bodies and also available in a variety of super pretty colors. Ive covered my nips to keep this PG, but for those of you wondering. No, the butterflies are NOT available. On Monday I previewed The Plastik’s EXCLUSIVE prize for The Epiphany and I decided after making the Ads yesterday to officially blog them. They’re freaking amazing. I promise. I’m not just saying that, They really are outstanding. Truly one of Vae’s best works. I’m obsessed with the mask and horn combo. They fit so well and perfectly adjust to the body. The Epiphany opens on the 12th and the buzz surrounding the event is, well, buzzin’! It’s sure to be another successful round and I hope everyone enjoys The Plastik’s offering! I’m off to have a nap before dinner with some family from out of town. BYEEEEEEEE!



HAIR: Siren by Beusy Available now at We  RP

HEAD: Jessica Animated head by  CATWA

SKIN: Estee for CATWA Jessica Head by The Skinnery in Mocha w/ freckles <—-NEW NEW NEW

MASK & HORNS: Apostle Horns RARE by  The Plastik Available October 12th at The Epiphany

JEWELRY: Apostle Jewelry COMMON  by  The Plastik Available October 12th at The Epiphany

GOWN: The Sinister Gown by Storybook Available now at  The Fantasy Collective

RING: Evil Fairy Ring by ieQED


Dystopia Flowers in Pink by E.V.E. Available now at Totally Top Shelf

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