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Aw…Thursday. The day before Friday. I’m not sure why exactly, but Thursday has always been and will always be my favorite day of the week. And what better way to celebrate Thursday than with a decor post?! Artisan Fantasy has truly been inspiring me to take some wonderful photos lately. Their Nursery set from The Secret Affair had me all excited. As a Role Player, I know how difficult it is to find furniture that not only suits the environment I RP in, but also my character’s home. Now, this is technically inspired by Vikings, however I see this fitting perfectly in any Medieval/Fantasy RP household. All you Mums out there better listen up! Not only is this set intricately detailed and stunning (as it is with all AF’s stuff) but even the animations and poses are perfect for RP. Now, I used my Zooby baby for this post, but I see the animations working with any child/infant/toddler avi. I also used Artisan Fantasy’s “Collector’s Curiosities” Gacha items from The Fantasy Collective. Now, if you haven’t been over pr haven’t been able to get in… be patient. The wait is well worth it. So much awesomeness! This Gacha is just outstanding…Truly a work of art. The drawers even open and have goodies inside! I squealed. You can pick these goodies up at The Fantasy Collective & The Secret Affair.

Oh! I also wanted to show off this incredible dress by Aisling. It’s amazing. From an RP perspective I kinda flipped. I loved LOVED the sleeves and bodice and skirt… The historical accuracy is pretty spot on (I’m a costume designer in RL…So this sort of thing pleases me). You can pick this gown up now at The Secret Affair! I hope everyone has a lovely Thursday. I know I shall.


A Mother's LoveCREDITS

HEADSCARF & HAIR: Arnkatla by .aisling. w/ hair Available now at The Secret Affair

NECKLACE: Pherom by Random Matter Available now at  Shiny Shabby

COLLAR & EARRINGS: Svana Earrings & Torc Collar by .aisling. Available now at The Secret Affair

DRESS: Astrid Dress by .aisling. in brown/cream Available now at The Secret Affair

RINGS: Melody Set by Kibitz Available now at  Shiny Shabby

HEAD: Alice 2.0 by  Genesis Lab RARE Emotions Available now at The Cosmetic’s Fair

BABY: Amari Baby by Zooby


Collector’s Curiosities by  Artisan Fantasy Available now at The Fantasy Collective

Collector’s Framed Critters by  Artisan Fantasy

Maiden Tor Nursery by  Artisan Fantasy Available now at The Secret Affair

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