…Death Becomes Her…

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“…She looked down at the poor pathetic excuse for a Man before her, blood dripping from his neck creating a lovely crimson pool. The dagger, now drenched in his blood dangled from her delicate fingers as she stretched out like a cat before him. “You really should have kept your word, dahhhhling. I mean, you must have known deep down inside that I’d never stand for such a betrayal?” Her thick black brows raised as she questioned the now dead King. He never had a chance really. The King thought it wise to begin an affair with the strange, raven haired beauty from the North. Her green, fae-like eyes and cool demeanor had entrapped him the moment he set eyes on her. He of course was already married and King of a vast and wealthy Land. It was the perfect opportunity for her to take power. However, the damned King had a soft heart. He was tasked with killing his Queen and then marrying the raven haired stranger. “You just couldn’t follow through, hm?” She chuckled and played on her back allowing her hair to fall across the round table artfully. “You could have had it all… All you needed to do was kill your wife.” She clicked her teeth. “I just had to do it myself, eh? Well…No matter. Two birds with one stone I say.” She grinned and licked her lips…”

I know! I know. I’m incredibly late with this post… ACK! I’ve been waiting to show off this incredible set from Aisling since Enchantment opened! Isn’t it stunning? The materials on this headpiece are bananas. Truly a masterpiece. I’m in love with the coral and seaweed features. It makes this so magical. It’s also completely customizable as it comes with a HUD to change the color of everything! Love that. Options are everything, people! I’m also previewing some absolutely stunning furniture from a newer store called, Noble Creations. Their items are so fucking detailed and amazing. I really cannot get enough and I’m so looking forward to more from them. The Round Table and chairs are a set and available RIGHT NOW as they’re having a sidewalk sale today! So, if you’re interested in getting you own table, visit their sale!


Death Becomes HerCREDITS

HAIR: Martina by Entwined Available now at Shiny Shabby

HEADDRESS: Calypso by Aisling Available now at Enchantment {August 14th-September 5th}

EYES: Triumph Eyes by Ikon in Green Available now at  Shiny Shabby

HEAD: Julia 2.0 by Genesis Lab in Relaxed MILK

BLOOD: Blood Splatter by Ama

GOWN: Ursula Dress by Dead Dollz Available now at Enchantment {August 14th-September 5th}

POSE: Feral sweetness by Fucking Ninjas


Round Table w/ Chairs by Noble Creations

* [NC] – Noble Creations at Sidewalk sales event (minimum  30% OFF , 29 august to 5 september event starts at  12  SL  TIME ) (9 a.m time ITA) at this event there will be a DISCOUNTED NEW RELEASE (BLACK SLIMY SNAKE) , 30% OFF AND OTHER 4 ITEMS (bed, blacksmith set,the round table,ercole pouldrons) 30%-40% OFF ONLY AT THE ZONE EVENT)

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