…Punk’s Not Dead…

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Hey guys! Happy Monday! …Or not so happy Monday. It’s all how you view your Mondays. I, enjoy Mondays. I see Monday as a fresh start! So. For me, it’s a happy Monday!  I’m showing off a ton of goodies from various Designers that I fucking LOVE, hence why I’m blogging them. Most of this stuff is from The Fantasy Collective and if you’ve been living under a rock, then let me tell ya the theme. It’s Anarchy! I decided to totally do a “Punk’s Not Dead” vibe which was inspired by that dope signage from 7MADRAVENS in the background there that literally says, “Punk’s Not Dead”. There are some awesome tapestries from PaperMoon hanging on the wall with various Anarchist themes. Now, I know this gal spent a long ass time making these stunning tapestries. They’re fucking awesome. You’ll also see some very lived in furniture from Kalopsia and Striped Mocha both are equally cool and perfect for those seeking a more ravaged lifestyle. My look was created using this adorable bodysuit from Le Fil Casse which is available in a variety of totally cute colors, these creepy but totally fucking awesome gloves are from Jian, and this oh-so-cool utility belt from Abrasive. I gotta say, once I had this body suit on with the gloves, the entire look just came together perfectly. My jewelry look is pretty effortless but keeping within that rock&roll edge with a collar from PEQE layered over this super chic chain from Charm (Formally Keystone). The Collar is available at Festival Of Sin in some awesome metals and the necklace is from The Fantasy Collective. Last but not least let’s talk about these bomb earrings from The Plastik. The “Mehrik” Earrings come in some awesome metals with a HUD that can change the skull texture and the gem texture. It’s pretty fucking awesome….


Okay. So. I read a very weird blog post the other day about losing followers and such and it really didn’t sit well with me. I dunno. For whatever reason, I felt it was a bit blatantly “This is what you’re doing wrong. Stop it!”. Now, I don’t think there is anyone one way to run a blog. It’s all about you and your preferences and how you go about things and there is nothing wrong with that. Just because one person says you’re doing it wrong, doesn’t mean you’re actually ‘doing it wrong’. Get what I’m saying? I use my blog as a platform to express my feelings or make a stand against something. If that doesn’t appeal to you? Then I’m sorry. I’m not gonna change the way I blog. So… You either like me or you don’t and either way it’s your choice to continue to subscribe. Some of you have been with me from the very start. 6 long ass years of blogging all things Fantasy. You guys know me. I really am not interested in creating a ‘drama blog’. However, I’m not gonna sit the fuck back and be quiet. Nope. never gonna happen. I’m one of those people that just can’t keep quiet when I think things are ridiculous, stupid, or plain silly.

The blog post I read earlier about losing followers suggested that bitching or complaining on ones blog is a sure fire way to lose followers. Okay. I half agree with this, the other part of me looks at some very famous SL blogs and laugh because their entire readership is based on those that thrive off the drama. I’m not saying this is right or wrong. However you do things… is great. You do you. That’s what it always comes down to for me. Now, sometimes I myself get on my little pedestal and ‘preach’. If you totes hate that, then -makes scrunchy face- I sawwwwwyyyyy, but I just gotta do me. Other way to lose followers as suggested by the aforementioned blog post suggest scaring groups and such makes one look thirsty and therefore an ‘untouchable’. Okay. Yes. Scaring groups fucking sucks and it’s lame. Don’t do it. UNLESS, you blog for a certain event that encourages their bloggers to post their links and share. I for one belong to a couple events that enjoy this. So. If YOU are unsure if you’re scamming a group, just check with the moderator. It aint difficult.

The very last thing I’d like to address is the ‘thanking your followers’. Now, ya’ll know I love you. Just because I don’t reply to every fucking comment on Flickr doesn’t mean I don’t love you. HOLY HELL! I am so thankful and blessed to have each and everyone of you follow me or subscribe or whatever. I think it’s super fucking tedious to thank everyone. But listen… Let me make this clear. THANK YOU!

Okay. I’ve said my peace. Shall we move onto the post? HA!


Punk's Not DeadCREDITS

HAIR: Salome by Lelutka in the Dark Greyscale Pack

EYES: Triumph Eyes by Ikon in Green Available now at  Shiny Shabby

COLLAR: Wrath Collar by  PEQE in Gold Available now at The Festival Of Sin

GLOVES: Sanderson Gloves by Jian Available now at  The Fantasy Collective

NECKLACE: Fearis Collar by Charm (Formally Keystone) Available now at  The Fantasy Collective

EARRINGS: Mehrik Earrings by  The Plastik Available now at  The Fantasy Collective

SUIT: Miss Anarchy Romper by {Le Fill Casse} Available now at  The Fantasy Collective

BELT: Rebellion Belt by Abrasive Available now at  The Fantasy Collective

POSE: Guitar Set by [f o c u s p o s e s] w/ Guitar Prop


HANGINGS: Anarcho Banners by papermoon Available now at  The Fantasy Collective

CHAIR: Anarchy Lazy Chair by Kalopsia Available now at The Fantasy Collective

TABLE: Stop Sign Table by papermoon Available now at The Fantasy Collective

SET: Gheos Lazy Wall by Serenity Style Available now at  The Fantasy Collective

FIRE: Cultist fire pit by Striped Mocha Available now at  The Fantasy Collective

SIGN: Punk’s Not dead by 7MADRAVENS Available now at  The Fantasy Collective

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