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It’s rare for me to get so behind in my blogging… I take my blog seriously and I take those that I blog for seriously. That being said, I apologize if this is late and y’all are like, “Bitch, I seen that shit a million times already!”. Well, this is the first time I’m showing it, so…-sticks her tongue out- My awesome friend, Rucy of !APHORISM! is an absolute genius when it comes to Mesh. The man can seriously do no wrong… If you listened to him on the Indie Teepee Podcast, then you’ll have learned quite a lot about meshing, creating, and the entire process in general. I bet it’s still up…  —->INDIE TEEPEE<—- It was truly a fascinating listen and I felt like I walked away knowing a little more about what these awesome designers do. This entire set I’m wearing from the top of my head to the tip of my toes is absolutely stunning. I mean, the amount of detail in everything he does is just breathtaking, but I really am fond of this set. The dress is sweet and pretty with a delicate vibe. I can see this as a nightdress in all honesty. It’s that pretty and delicate… The headdress and shoes balance it out and give it a Boho feel that’s just too good to pass up. You can grab this set up now at The Gacha Garden! My scene is all set by the oh-so-stunning “Sweet Home” by [Zerkalo] which is available at Love To Decorate. I’m in love with the florals…I just can’t get enough of them!!! AHHHHH!!! Also… With the help of my awesome bestie, Akea Rieko. We’ve set up a Donation vendor for Roxi Firanelli’s Son’s Funeral Expenses. When you donate you’ll receive a stunning Mother/Son Eternity Necklace designer by someone very special but shall remain nameless. Please come and donate



Quiet Moments PICMONKEY copy


HAIR: Selene Hair & Headpiece by !APHORISM! Available at The Gacha Garden

JEWELRY: Selene Necklace & Bracelet by !APHORISM! in Moonstone Available at The Gacha Garden

EARRINGS: Helena by Blisen & MaiTai in Silver Available at We ❤ RP

GOWN: Selene Dress by !APHORISM! in Silvermoon Available at The Gacha Garden

POSE: Berry 02 by Marukin


Sweet Home Armchair & Couch by [ZERKALO] in Floral Available at Love To Decorate

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