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SL BLOGGER SUPPORT released a rather lovely article by Ms. Marquis to which she discusses her disappointment concerning some unfortunate situations she found herself in due to being ill and in the Hospital. Basically, she was thrown from a couple groups for being ill for two weeks. Now, this is upsetting to me as well and completely ridiculous however I’d like to chime in on a couple things. Just to give another perspective. We as Bloggers have a working relationship with Designers/Creators. There is a give and there is a take. We all understand this. In return for Blogging and advertising we receive items… Sometimes we receive them much earlier than the general public and sometimes these are RARE items. This is all fair in my head. Completely fair. You give me items, I blog said items, and everyone is happy. Right? Well, yes and no. Ms. Marquis raises an issue with posting requirements and such. Yes, sometimes these requirements may seem a bit overwhelming but at the end of the day it is completely up to you whether you’d like to post or not. Yes. You have a choice. You can’t pick and choose… You either accept the blogging terms or you don’t. It’s truly very simple. Now this isn’t me defending Designers. No. I’m simply saying that everyone in this industry within  SL has a choice. As I said before, you can either accept the terms before you or not, but it’s a bit upsetting to complain about it. You had a choice.

It is also very important to keep an open communication with the Designers or Events you Blog for. “Oh, but they never write me back”. Be Tenacious. As an event owner myself, I will certainly make it a priority to get back to each and everyone who messages me. We’re all busy. be patient and relax… If you were kicked from a group, talk to them. Not everyone is an evil troll out to ruin your life. We all have emotions behind our avatars. Yes…there is a typist behind everyone. I hear complaints all the time about designers not doing this or not doing that or they chose her?! Why didn’t they choose me?! These are questions I have asked, but guess what? Who cares?! So they didn’t choose you. Their loss. They didn’t send a blogpack on time? NC them…with a gentle reminder. Nobody is going to bite your head off and if they do? Fuck them. They weren’t worth your time anyway.

Now, I blog for many Designers and Events… It gets overwhelming. If I’m going to be late on a post, I just let them know. if they are not pleased with that, then I am happy to leave and come back when I have more time. I truly haven’t had very many bad experiences with designers…well…I had one awful experience, but guess what? She’s not worth my time. Moving on to Photoshop. Now, Photoshopping your post is neither good nor bad. It simply is. I have never had a designer demand that my post be Photoshopped. They just require High Quality Photos featuring the item. I see ZERO wrong with that. I mean, they want their item blogged. Completely fair. Not everyone knows how to use Photoshop, but in the end your photo will speak for it’s self in terms of quality. If you’re good you’re good. if you’re bad… you’re bad. I’m sorry, but I see a lot of Bloggers with absolutely awful post… Taking shit about this or that and completely missing the point.

Our opinions are valid. Obviously people who read our blogs value them, however talking shit is a MAJOR turnoff. if you want to talk shit, that’s your prerogative. However, don’t be surprised if you get dropped by people. There is a way to post and share your opinion without being a dick. At the end of the day, we all work hard. Supporting each other is something we all should do and sharing open and honest thoughts like Ms. Marquis is inspiring. That’s why SL Blogger Support exist. Ha. That’s the end of my little speech. Don’t kill me! -prepares for blowback-


P.S. I’m wearing some awesome items from {Reverie}, antielle, & AZOURY! My clutch and shoes are simply to die for and the mask?! I know. Killer. Oh and I’m completely obsessed with this tattoo from antielle for The Epiphany. Remember that The Epiphany opens tomorrow, The Secret Affair opens today, and GENRE is also open today.


HAIR: Hortensia by Tableau Vivant Available at The Secret Affair

TATTOO: Homunculus RARE by antielle Available at The Epiphany Grand Opening Tomorrow*

CLUTCH: Epiphany Clutch E COMMON by AZOURY Available at The Epiphany Grand Opening Tomorrow*

MASK: Clockwork Bunny RARE by {Reverie} Available at The Wayward Carnival

PUBIC HAIR: Muffs by Nearly Tactile in Reg/Brown Soft Available at AnyBODY Applier Fair

SHOES: Epiphany RARE by AZOURY Available at The Epiphany Grand Opening Tomorrow*

POSE: Happy 1-5 by AMITIE Available at The Wayward Carnival


The Masquerade Collection by {Reverie} Available at The Wayward Carnival

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ever Afterr says:

    Unf. You are gorgeous. (I know, I’m so original. But you totes are, so there!) =^_^= ♥

    Agree with everything you said; ideally it’s a symbiotic, mutually respectful, and equally appreciative relationship between blogger and designer. Ideally; not always. But hopefully much more often than not!

    1. Sorchiee says:

      Yes. Exactly! At the end of the day, I try to keep an open and honest relationship with my sponsors and sponsored events. I know that BLOGGING SL is the new and awesome thing, but… I dunno… I just think that there is an understanding between creator and blogger. one that is not always said, but always there. I LOVE YOU EVERAFTER ❤

  2. Imogen Jie says:

    First up: love this pic. Intriguing and curious!
    I agree with everything you wrote a blogger should always keep an open line of communication with designers for sure. Most of the time the designers or event owners are wonderfully understanding, sadly there’s always going to be a handful of assholes and that comes with the territory. I hit a blogging ‘rut’ about 2 months ago because I took on too many events and designers and the whole thing went from being a ‘creative outlet’ to a ‘pressure cooker of stress and over commitment’. I’ve since dropped out of all bar 4 events and kept only the designer groups that I am passionate about…and guess what? Blogging has become fun again lol.

    1. Sorchiee says:

      YESSSS. That’s how I work. I have a couple of events and designers that I love. I know a couple people who blog for like a zillion events and have a zillion designers and I’m over here like, “Um…where your life go?” I have ZERO interest in making shit I’m not proud of and/or having fun with. I think it’s smart to only do the things you love.

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