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I had the strangest conversation yesterday with someone… and I can’t shake it. This person deleted me from various social media outlets because we don’t talk enough. Now, I have two problems with this. 1, seriously? and 2, Are you fucking serious?! I won’t go into details, but this person seems incredibly weird about their “friends” and even though we speak occasionally, mostly because I’m an absolute hermit crab. This person totally wrote me outta their life because I don’t message them enough. Am I crazy for thinking this is super weird? Have we become way too sensitive toward this sort of shit? I mean… I have a bunch of people on Facebook,Skype,SL, and other various social media outlets who I NEVER speak to, but because we run in the same circles it’s polite to add them and keep them. You never know when you’re going to need a friend so why delete them for dumb reasons? I dunno… It all turned me way off and I was like, “Yeah…I’m outie. Bye, Felicia!”

Ha! On another note, I’ve been reading a ton of shitty occurrences happening to Females all over the world. Like, really? Are we still this fucking savage that Men feel it’s okay to treat us like meat? I mean…Listen, I’ve had my emotional distressing encounters with the opposite sex, but holy shit…Can we teach people not to fucking rape?! Just because you’re bigger than me doesn’t mean you have the fucking right to molest, abuse, or rape me. We’re equal. We’re all equal. I don’t care who you thin k you are or what rights you think you have. You have ZERO fucking right to hoot and holler at me when I’m on my morning jog. You have ZERO right to squeeze my ass or rub up against my tits at a bar. You have ZERO FUCKING RIGHT to verbally, physically, or mentally abuse me. Treat me and my sex with respect… I would never dream of doing any of the things listed above to you or yours so why do it to me and mine?

I’m sorry if this seems out of the blue, but I was with m y darling girlfriends last night taking this photo and we had a discussion about some of the shit in the news lately. Duchess posted a heartfelt blog yesterday —>CLICK HERE<— about Joan Jett and her public statement concerning the Rape of Jackie Fox. Now, I won’t get into what a fucking disappointment Joan Jett is to me now, but I will say this: Just because I’m drunk or high does not give you the fucking right to RAPE me. Like, seriously?! Are you fucking serious?! Yeah…because I’m passed out you get to RAPE me then get all your buddies to do the same in a public place. Joan Jett and her fucking cronies are all saying this basically never happened and that’s a bunch of bullshit. When do we face the fucking facts and realize that RAPE is a real thing. RAPE happens everyday and yet it’s treated as if it’s a non-violent action in most cases. I told my girls that i had read an article from Vietnam as well that played out the gruesome details of a mass molestation of young women and old women at a water park in Vietnam by a bunch of rowdy Males. The water park management released a statement that said if the women were not wearing such tiny bikinis that this sort of thing would never have happened. -jaw dropped- Really?! It’s our fault? Yeah…It’s always our fucking fault. I guess we never should have parted in that tree of knowledge and fucked Adam’s brains out. -pfft-

Well, fuck that. I’m a strong women. We are all strong! The photo below represents my feelings on this sort of thing. We’re dressed in sexy outfits and they are not for Male consumption. They are for us. We are sexy and we love ourselves for it and we’ll kick your ass. So don’t sit there thinking we’re some dumb, slutty bitches. We’re intelligent, loving, loyal, strong, and beautiful. We always will be. If you or someone you know is dealing with something like this, please remember to be there for them. Support each other. A big thank you to !dM deviousMind by the lovely Chandra for creating such a strong look. You can pick up this gorgeous look at The Secret Affair on the 15th.


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4 Comments Add yours

  1. duchessflux says:

    Woot! don’t hold back girlfriend…. together we can change the world ❤

  2. Ever Afterr says:

    Preach it, gorgeous girl! I have to stay away from the news, or I’m likely to end up in the fetal position weeping over humanity and its penchant for needless violence and violation. Let’s hope we all live to see a world where *all* genders, races, sexualities, etc are treated equally and not like lesser-thans, possessions, or unworthy beings! ♥

  3. Applauds you for being so open about it.. and totally agree on many fronts with you on this.

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