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THE CHAPTER FOUR opens on the 4th of each Month

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Hola, Fantanistas! Sorchiee here sending lots of hugs and kisses your way all the way from my home here in Los Angeles. It’s pretty grey out right now…However I’m sure it’ll get sunny and hot out in a matter of minutes! So, I shall sit back, write this post and enjoy the grey whilst I have it. My computer’s has been being a little bitch lately, so my daily post has been lacking. I apologize for that. I promise I’ll get my shit together eventually. Apparently every event in SL is mermaid themed…so I hope everyone isn’t burned out by August. Enchantment has added some dope vendors and I’m just so crazy excited for the Event! I wanted to share with you some of the things you’ll be able to attend during the month of August. On August 12th, my dear friend and amazing musician REDHAWK will be performing for all of us songs from “The Little Mermaid” and other Priate/Sea favorites (I’m sure he’ll also take request…as he knows every song on the planet). The Lady Garden Cabaret will be hosting a special Mermaid themed Burlesque show in honor of Enchantment and let me just tell you… If you haven’t been to any of their burlesque shows, then damn. You’re missing out. These ladies know how to work a crowd! There is also a Photography contest happening on our Facebook Page —>FACEBOOOK<— Make sure to participate in all these wonderful things!

On another note, there are still some available stores within the Town Square of Nymphai! If you’re interested in renting please feel free to contact, Duchess Flux or Sorcha Ireland. I promise…we don’t bite. OKAY. Now let’s check out what I’m wearing, eh? The White Armory has released a stunning gown called the, “Seraphim orion” gown. I’m just over the moon about this one. it’s gentle tiers and flowing drapes evoke a romantic nostaligia that I just can’t get over! To top this look off The NSP/MUSE released a gorgeous jewelry set and crown called, the “Royal Perpetua” set. Now, this set is meant to be worn with the matching gown from TWA, but you know me… I’m a rebel, baby! Breaking all the rules! I mean, just look at this badass Tattoo from White Widow! Holy shit. This Tattoo is UH-MAZING. It’s available July 12th at The Wizarding Fair and I know everyone is going to love this one. Remember, if you can’t find the needed links on my blog go here —>Seraphim<—

The oh-so-handsome parade is sporting some awesome gear from The Arena! That cape from CLAVV is just…so sexy. Now, remember… it can be worn unisex. So… be creative and style it up and that dope ass outfit from IGNITION ART is totally something every dude should have. I mean, it’s awesome for RP, but… it’s just super sexy in general. Oh, and you see that awesome build in the background? Yeah, it’s from Fuubutsu. It’s a Jailhouse. I expect every RP SIM to have this set up within the week if they haven’t already.


P.S. I’ll be gone from Thursday-Saturday. I’ll be at COMIC CON! If you’re going and wanna meet up… Message me privately! I’ll most likely be at the Los Angeles Costume Designer’s Guild 892 Booth!

He's After MeCREDITS


HAIR: Cornrow Hair Base by Boon

MMK375 by Boon in Black

UED609 by Boon in Black

JEWELRY: Royal Perpetua Set (Necklace, Bracelets, Ring, Earrings) by MUSE in Rainbow

CROWN: Royal perpetua Crown by MUSE in Bronze

EARRINGS: Hiss Earrings by The Plastik in Midus

RING: The Knight Ring by The Plastik

GOWN: Seraphim Orion Gown by The White Armory in Barrows

TATTOO: Insidious by White Widow Available at The Wizarding Fair {July 12th-25th}


BEARD: Monster Beard by Spellbound

HOOD: Vegabond Cape by CLAVV Available now at The Arena

OUTFIT: Tyral by IGNITION ART Available now at The Arena

POSE: Clemmm Group Gift Pose Pack


Jailhouse by Fuubutsu Available at The Arena

Flowers & Trees by The Little Branch

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