…Lone Ranger… Defender’s of Ippos and Pegasoi Chapter 7

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“After a devastating defeat the Defender’s of Ippos and Pegasoi rallied at a nearby safe camp. Duchess and Sorchiee carried Kynne between them whilst the other’s ran ahead to tend to their wounds and set up camp. “I…I can’t believe what just happened.” Sorchiee whispered to Duchess as they fled from the Sea into the safety that was Ippos Wood. “Aye. It’s as if it knew our weakness.” Duchess replied. She sighed deeply and placed her back against the tree. “I need a minute…” Duchess gulped air. Sorchiee nodded slowly and placed Kynne gently against a fallen tree trunk. “Wha-” Kynne tried to speak but Duchess cut her off. “Shh…Sh…You’ve been badly injured” Sorchiee immediately began looking for wild  shrooms to munch on. “We’ve gotta get her back to camp…” Sorchiee turned to look at Kynne and smiled softly, trying to reassure her though it was clear to her that Kynne was NOT well. Her skin had lost all color and her eyes seemed glazed and unfocused. Sorchiee bit her bottom lip and gave Duchess a look…”

…To Be Continued…

Alright…I know I’m a bit late with this, but have you seen the “Bijou” collection from Aphorism? I love it! I’m happy that Rucy has released a jewelry set! The beads are stunning and come in a variety of beautiful colors. They remind me of a rosary without the cross. I’m so in love. Especially the belly chain… STUNNING! It’s so versatile. I mean you can wear it within the fantasy Genre and it’s equally as relevant in a Modern setting. I’m obsessed with the fit which seemed to fit me like a glove. It’s all easily sized to fit anyone ❤ You can get the entire set now at Shiny Shabby! Get it soon before the new round starts!


The Lone RangerCREDITS

HAIR: Ishya by TRUTH Available now at UBER

JEWELRY: Bijou Collection by Aphorism Available now at Shiny Shabby

TATTOO: Elder by Ghost Ink in Red

OUTFIT: Battle End by May’s Soul Available now at The Secret Affair

PET: Armored Horse in Black and Dappled by Culprit Limited Editions only 500 copies Available soon at TFGC

POSE: Shades of Cool by Lalocezia 


Crate Ottoman by DDD Dysfunctional Designs 

Camp Anawanna by Jian Available now at The Fantasy Collective 

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