…It’s Only the Beginning… Chapter 6

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“Sorchiee, Duchess, Kynne, and the rest if the Defenders Of Ippos gathered at the confirmed rendevoux a quarter past 8 in the evening. The sun had just set and the glow of the moon was their only light. Anouk looked at Sorchiee and nodded as Halfwraith came up behind her. “We’re ready.” Halfwraith said in a matter-of-fact tone. Sorchiee turned from the pair of warriors and began to pace. It was clear she was anxious. Her hands fidgeted restlessly, flexing and closing with each step. “Sorchiee! Stop.” Duchess said sternly. There was an edge to her voice that suggested she too was feeling the anxiety in the air. “We can’t just sit here and wait for something to happen! I’m tired of waiting! This beast has plagued our lands for far too long. It’s overstayed it’s welcome and I’m ready to send it back to Hell.” Duchess pursed her lips and simply turned away. Kynne sighed.. “Aye. We can’t just sit here and wait to be killed… What’s your plan then Sorchiee?” Sorchiee dropped her gaze and folded her arms across her chest. “I say we charge through… We may not be enough, but we are all each other has right now. I say we fight to the death.” Amanda gasped and hid her face. The thought of death frightened Sorchiee as well. “I’d rather die with honor then die a coward. Let us FIGHT!” She screamed out in a battle cry and charged full force into the open Sea. From the sea a giant, ghostly mass arose and grew to such a size that made Sorchiee stumble and fall face first into the water. She spat out the salt water she has swallowed and looked up at the Beast. It’s smoke-like tentacles reached out every now and then to scare the group, but it was Amanda who held off the beast with her ability to summon light. The beast seemed annoyed and even frightened of the magical light she summoned upon command. Duchess and Kynne came up and immediately began to plan out their attack, when suddenly a large gaping mouth filled with teeth as sharp as Sorchiee’s blade emerged from the mass of smoke and shadow. “Kynne! What your back!” Duchess screamed out into the chaos that was the battle of Alegria’s Bay. Kynne screamed and tried to turn, but one of the shadowy tentacles snatched at her waist and threw her off into the Sea. “NO!” Sorchiee ran out into the water and began slashing blindly at the creature, tears streaming down her face. “Kynne! Kynne! Where are you?!” Sorchiee cried out. Duchess came up and protected Sorchiee’s right as Sorchiee reached down to pick up Kynne. She was out cold… “We can’t defeat it like this! We need more Mages!” Sorchiee screamed. “RETREAT! Inertia grabbed ahold of Rainbow and yanked her towards the land. Rainbow gasped and nodded seeing the look of terror cross Inertia’s usually stoic face. Kismet raised her hands and let loose all the light she could manage. “get yourselves to safety!” Kismet called. “I’ll try to hold it off while you get cover!” Sorchiee and Duchess balanced Kynne between them and made their way towards the Land with the others. Kismet was becoming weaker by the minute and it was only a matter of time before she’d collapse. With one final push, Kismet cried out and watched as the powers at her fingertips surged forward to allow enough time for everyone including herself to run for cover.”

…To Be Continued…

The Final Battle

The Defenders of Ippos & Pegasoi (left to right): 

Sorchiee, Kynne , Inertia, Duchess, Amanda, Rainbow, Halfwraith, Kismet, Anouk

Location: Pegasoi


HAIR: Urie by ARGRACE in Midnight

ARMOR: Khatel by Aisling Available now at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

OUTFIT: Captivate by Storybook Available now at The Fantasy Collective

EYESHADOW: Armel by Zibiska in Royal Blue Available now at The Secret Affair

TATTOO: Solen by Ghost’Ink in Blue Available now at The Fantay Gacha Carnival


ARMOR: Dragoon Upper Armor Set {Black} b y LAB737 ~ Available at We Love Roleplay {May 4 to May 28th} http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Evanda%20Island/104/49/4001
HAIR: Yuliya by MINA http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MINA%20Hair/66/178/25
HEADPIECE: Spirits The Silver Queen {Rare} by Black Pearls Available at <a href=”http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Acerbus%20Silva/175/174/52”> The Fantasy Gacha Carnival</a> {May 12 to June 5}
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OUTFIT: crown, and candle staff : The Forge – Demethys. At The Fantasy Gacha.

          SKIN: YS&YS – Ginny drow applier for Lelutka heads.  At The Fantasy Collective.


Body: Maitreya – Mesh Body Lara V3.3

Head: Lelutka – Stella

Appliers: YS&YS – Ginny – Tone 1 (Shiny Shabby)

Hair: Moon – North Circular II

Jewellery: MeshedUp – Nephthys Set (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Dress: Moon Amore – Pompeya Dress (We  Roleplay)

Boots: Pixicat – Freja Boots

Pose (including bow & arrow): Musa – Bow Pose 005

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    “The beast howled high again, throwing dozens of smoke tentacles which hurtful daggers. The defensive orbit barrier fell. We had being forced to retreat, living beloved friends behind.”
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