…Under The Orange Trees…Chapter 5


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“A vast expanse of green spread out before her. It’s color almost blinding as she stared out into the Sea’s endless waves. She smiled softly and turned to look at Duchess who had been standing beside her. Duchess smiled back, her eyes bright with glee. She had a ripe orange in her delicate grasp, its scent wafting up into the air perfuming the grove in it’s citrus embrace. Sorchiee looked back out to Sea and breathed in the fresh salt air. The Monster was defeated and the land free from it’s evil grip. Her smile would soon fade as she watched Duchess begin to fade away, her skin peeling back revealing a grotesque skull with half of it missing. ‘Duchess!’ Sorchiee tried to scream though no sound came out. She tried to move, but her body was unwilling to corporate. The Monstrous Mass that had be plaguing Pegasoi was NOT dead. Nay. It was alive and well and the great Sea before her was piled high with the bodies of her friends and family. ‘NO!’ Sorchiee screamed and suddenly found herself on her back, staring up at the stars… It was a dream…only a dream…The finale battle was yet to come”

…To Be Continued…

Under the Orange GroveCREDITS


GOWN: Meath by The Luminary in Sea Available now at We Love RP

HAIR: Celeste by Truth Hawks Available now <—NEW

NECKLACE: Venus Necklace by Meshed Up Available now at The Fantasy Collective

CUFFS: Glim Cuffs by Kibitz Available now at The Secret Affair

PET: PaleMist UniQrn by Culprit Available now at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival


…Coming soon…

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    Aired The Defenders of Pegasoi and Ippos Chapter 5! Oranges, creepy skulls and dead under stars… a warrior must face its destiny and be ready to change it!

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