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The Arena opens on the 5th

Shiny Shabby opens on the 20th of each Month

Alright! The Verdict is in and everyone seems to be over the moon about May’s round of We ❤ RP! Which of course has me thrilled because I love hearing from all of you. I’m not one of those meanies that doesn’t answer if you message me in-world. I love talking with you guys and chatting. I especially love hearing things you’d like to see blogged more and the latest request have been more whimsical and character based. So… I’m listening and will be trying to focus on characters and character creation more.

This photo I’ve taken today is an ode to my very first character, Sorcha. Some of you may know that I opened Mystara with Annie Ibanez and therefor you may know of Sorcha. Sorcha Fionne Caitlin Sliebheen was a Fae with wings of an otherworldly iridescent glow and hair as black as a raven’s wing. She was well known for her fiery temper and tendency to throw things. Though she wasn’t the most docile of women, she was a Queen and dead-set on providing for her Queendom. Sorcha was fair and honest but definitely had a mischievous side to her…Especially when it came to men.

PEQE’s new “Khal” Ballgown is the embodiment of Sorcha. The sweetheart neckline and richly embroidered fabric portrays a sense of Royalty. It comes in a variety of rich colors and it has sleeves! You can either wear them or not. I’m also showing off Keystone’s new crown called, “Eretha”. It’s. Amazing. No, seriously… I can see Viaa’s taken a different path in her design work with this one and has created something very fun and whimsical. I’m in love. Not only does it cater to a character’s need, but it looks to have a rich base of inspiration. This is something Sorcha would have worn all the time.

My hair is by Damselfly and it’s called, “Emily”. It’s a lovely style with soft curling tendrils with a sense of movement. It definitely has a Medi-Fantasy feel to it. My one wish is that the blacks had more depth and dimension. Many hair designers in SL tend to discount the color black, but there are tons of hues within black. I’d like to see more done with darker hair… Anywho. Ha! Last, but certainly not least… ieQED released the “Niobe” faceveil and it’s probably my favorite little thing ever. Now, there are a ton of face veils out there, but this one comes with a HUD to change the gems, metals, veil, and transparency. This is super important to me because I don’t play in a Gorean Genre, so I like to show off my face with the transparency, but it’s also perfect for slaves or free women. Options are everything.

You can get everything talked about above at WE ❤ RP right now! Even that sweet little Goat in my arms. Yep. It’s by Genesis Lab and is probably the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen. It comes with a HUD to change it’s pose and vest color or in my case, turn the vest off altogether!


P.S. That awesome makeup around me eyes? Yeah… It’s called, “Arctia” and it’s from White Widow. It’s delicate, whimsical, and just so lovely. I’m wearing it in that lovely blue color, but it comes in a variety of gorgeous Pearl colors. It’s available now at The New Fashion Store Event. It opens tomorrow and I can’t wait to check it out!

Once Upon A TimeCREDITS

HAIR-Damselfly-Emily @ WLRP

MAKEUP-White Widow by Julie Hastings-Arctia for TMP @ The New Fashion Store Event

CROWN-Keystone-Eretha-Ancient Gold @ WLRP

VEIL-ieQED-Niobe Face Veil @ WLRP

GOWN-Peqe-Khal Ballgown-Blue @ WLRP

PET-Genesis Lab-My Little Cerb-Brown @ WLRP

POSE-!bang-Stands490-494 @ WLRP


Noctis-Swamp Wanderer Bench & Standing Lamp @ WLRP

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