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I’m constantly surprised at the amount of creativity and passion people have in Second Life. It’s so inspiring. I unpacked a box by a Label I’ve never heard of called, Ex Machina. Now, you never know what you’re going to get so it’s always a bit nerve racking to see if it’s something you’ll absolutely love or something you’ll loathe with a passion. Luckily, I’m in love. It’s the incredible pieces behind me. They’re called, “Kopernikus Grand Orrery”. I know, it’s a mouthful. Now, these are actual working models of our Solar System. No. I’m serious. You can type in a specific date and see where the planets are aligned. It’s insane. Not only that, but there is a realistic rotation that can be controlled to either go faster or slower. I was like, “Holy Shit…” blown away. Let’s not forget to mention that each piece is super low prim! The Table-top version is 5 prims, the ceiling is 6 prims, and the grand version is 11. This totally set the scene for me…

and as soon as I threw on Aisling’s “Hierophant” gown, I kinda fainted. It’s just breathtaking. I mean, from the beautifully textured bodice and skirt to the intricate design work. I mean, this is just something every Role Player should have in their virtual closet. It’s perfectly adaptable to many Role Play situations. I’ve shown it in a more mystical light, but I can see it being equally as stunning in a Courtly environment. There are four different colors: Blue, Black, White, or Red and each color comes with seven sizes and a HUD to change the metals and other fun stuff. The original price is 450L but you can get it for 25% off right now at We ❤ RP along with this bitchen staff which is also by Aisling and also on sale. Make sure to check out the event and enter their PHOTOCONTEST! Read about it —->HERE<—-



HAIR-Tableau Vivant-Cersi-Black & Whites @ WLRP

HORNS-Dead Dollz-Minotaur Horns @ WLRP

OUTFIT-Aisling-Hierophant-Black (Dress, Collar, & Shoulders) @ WLRP

STAFF-Aisling-Hierophant Staff @ WLRP

BRACELETS-Whimey-Purest Branch Cuffs-Gold @ WLRP

JEWELRY-The Plastik-Craftian Jewelry-Witch @ WLRP

POSE-Musa-Fantasy Pose set-071-080


Ex Machina-Kopernikus Grand Orrery @ WLRP


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