…Middle-Age Water Fight…

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OMG! I had such a fantastic day today. I got online to be swished away to The Fantasy Faire to watch an awesome show by The Night Theatre which was totally amazing. OMG. They did this dragon dance that friggin’ took my breath away. I also got to chill with my main bitches, Duchess, Kismet, and Chandra…then bugged the ruggedly handsome Rahpture of Emperyon Forge to come pose in a photo with me! Luckily he said yes! I don’t think he knew what he was signing up for though. I tried to make it as painless as possible. Ha!

We’re two days away from We ❤ RP opening it’s doors for it’s two year anniversary and there is so much to show and tell! Let’s start with my gorgeous necklace by Empyrean Forge since one of the Designer’s is pouring water all over me! It’s called the “Chronos Timepiece” and it’s a piece of art. Seriously. I have art around my neck. Zoom in for better detail, because this shit is worthy of a zoom in. It’s incredibly detailed and perfect for either sex. The texture work is all done by Rahpture’s business partner, Reya Darkstone and it’s impeccable. Bravo! I couldn’t just have it dangling will nilly…so I threw on The Annex’s contribution to We ❤ RP “Kasa Bikini”. It’s. Drop. Dead. Beautiful. You can’t see it well in this photo, but no worries… I’ll blot it again. Promise. AND finally Keystone has released these UHHHHHH-mazing earrings called, the “Cog” earrings. You can pick up everything I’m wearing May 4th at 3 pm slt at We ❤ RP!

The sweet picnic set in the background is absolutely a must-have! It’s 3 prims (what the what?!) and has a built in texture changer. Um…You want it, huh? Yeah. Like I said. It’s a must-have. It’s by Dysfunctional Designs and available at the Home Show! The “His Chair” was a Fifty Linden Friday release, yesterday… and is probably available at full price now at the Mainstore. It’s also texture change and comes in both an adult and pg version. Go and check it out! Dysfunctional Designs is going through a bit of internal changes and releases may become sporadic for a little bit, but no worries…all is going to be amazing!

Have a wonderful Saturday night! ❤


A Medieval Water FightCREDITS

On Sorchiee:

HAIR-Blues-Norie-Black&White Pack @ Kustom9

NECKLACE-Emperyean Forge-Chronos Timepiece-Magnitite @ WLRP

BIKINI-The Annex-Kasa Bikini-Red @ WLRP

RINGS-ieQED-Irina Ring set-Gold @ Shiny Shabby

POSE-Original by moi-Not available

On Rahpture:



POSE-Original by moi-Not available


DDD Dysfunctional Designs-Picnic Day Blanket @ The Home Show

DDD Dysfunctional Designs-His Chair

22769 Bauwerk-The Little Village Well @ WLRP

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