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“…She sighed happily as the soft, delicate blossoms of the Wisteria fell across her face. Her feet danced up tip-toes as she frolicked in it’s Violet embrace…”

Happy Friday, Fantanistas! I hope everyone has had the opportunity to wander through the Fantasy Faire 2015. It’s truly a spectacular event with a cause near and dear to my heart at the very center. My dear friend Evie of Evie’s Closet released this Faire exclusive. It’s absolutely stunning…it’s called, “Caoimhe” and it reflects the deep purple of Relay For Life. Also available are the matching slippers and wings all of which you can find at Evie’s shop at the Fairgrounds. The long sleeves and corset give this gown a truly magical feel. the textures are absolutely stunning which is in line with all Evie’s work… She’s incredible and you can spot an Evie original from a mile away. that’s how distinctive her style is and I love that. I’ve paired the incredible gown with The Plastiks new jewelry set “Everilda” which is also available at the Fair. Click on the picture for more detail and zoom on on that jewelry. It’s fucking otherworldly. I’m obsessed with the seemingly simpleness of it all, but when you look closely you can see the incredible amount of detail in every curve. This set comes in a few fabulous colors and is available NOW!

Along with the jewels and gown I’m also spring some badass lash decor from No. 7 called, “Relay Wings” Couture Lashes. They are amazing! I love the gentle flutter against my cheek and the avant guard’ness’. My hair is from AnalogDog and it’s called, “Petula”. Yesterday i wore one of their new hairs and today I’m showing you my favorite! It’s it the cutest! It’s absolutely perfect for Faes… but don’t stop there! Add an ornate crown and an uppity gown and BOOM. Queen. In the background you’ll see some new furniture from The MUSES. I’m excited to see more home decor in the future from them as this set completely knocked me out! “Titania’s Feast” is absolutely gorgeous… A MUST HAVE for any sophisticated Medieval/Fantasy home. Plus, all of that is only 8 prims. What the what!? Make haste and explore the fair!



HAIR-Analogdog-Petula-Dark Browns @ The Fantasy Faire 2015

JEWELRY-The Plastik-Everilda Set- Circlet,Pendant,Earrings,&Ring)-Granite @ The Fantasy Faire 2015

OUTFIT-Evie’s Closet-Caoimhe-Relay For Life Exclusive Gown, Wings, & Slippers @ The Fantasy Faire 105

MAKEUP-White Widow by Julie Hastings -Anemone-Black for The Mesh Project @ The Black Fashion Fair

TATTOO-White Widow by Julie hastings-Lost River @ White Widow Mainstore

POSE-Eternal Dream-Saella @ The Fantasy Faire 2015


The Muses-Titania’s Feast &Titania’s Final Chase @ The Fantasy Faire 2015

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