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Fantasy Gacha

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The Chapter Four opens on the 4th of each Month

Fantasy Collective opens on the 20st of each Month

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…I peered out the window my eyes set on the dark clouds rolling in. I had known it would rain… That familiar scent had awoken me in the middle of the night.A sigh escaped my parted lips as I pulled myself from my day dreams and began to close up the windows and doors…

As some of you know I blog for some fantastic events in SL. Some of the events are especially close to my heart like The Secret Affair and We ❤ RP, but the one event myself and friends wait for all year long is The Fantasy Fair. The Fantasy Fair isn’t just the biggest shopping event in SL, but it’s also an event that pulls at all our heartstrings. The Fantasy Fair is a Relay For Life Fundraiser and every year the event just gets bigger and bigger and the donations just keep growing. We want this year to be HUGE! With so many fantastic designers participating, I just know there is something for everyone at the event, plus you’re helping with an incredible cause.

I RELAY for a number of reasons, but most of all I RELAY because I want to one day live in a world where cancer isn’t a killer. Where Cancer is curable. With that said, let’s move onto the scene I’ve set! I’m wearing an absolutely gorgeous gown from Bee Dumpling of The White Armory. Let’s be real here, all her gowns are absolutely breathtaking but I’m partial to the simple ones and this fits the bill. It’s called, “Forest Fantasy” in Rose and it’s an exclusive item for The Fantasy Faire. The gown is cut so beautifully. It draped across the body and highlights every little curve without being too clingy. It hits just above the foot and has some stunning silk add-ons to create that ethereal look. The gown comes in a variety of lovely colors and sizes, including a fitted mesh version! Yay! We love fit mesh ❤

I’m also trying out a new set of eyes by Paper Moon. They’re called, “Fruhlingszeit” eyes and I’m wearing them in Green e on full bright. They’re available at We ❤ RP…Though I believe they’ll be at Paper Moon’s Mainstore soon if not already. They are stunning for fantasy creatures with a large iris and vibrant colors. I love the blending and deep look these eyes have. I’m also wearing Paper Moon’s “Runic” Necklace. It’s absolutely lovely. It has an ancient look to it yet keeps a girlish feel. I’m also a new Paper Moon Blogger so you’ll be seeing a lot more fantastic items from this awesome Designer.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Look close… See the gorgeous makeup? Yeah. It’s so pretty I squeed! It’s soft and feminine with intricate details. I’m in love and you’re going to see more White Widow by Julie Hastings items… because I’m obsessed. Also, because many of you asked me to begin blogging more tattoos and makeups. Well, if you ask you shall receive.

Keystone released another fantastic item for The Fantasy Faire! It’s a sweet circlet and it’s called, “Warden”. I’m wearing it in Dark Gold and I have it set just under my brow line. Viaa’s items are all usually modifiable…so fit should never be a problem. It’s a new favorite for me. I love intricate detail work and this circlet/crown definitely has some complicated design work. The Decor behind me is almost all available at The Fantasy Faire save for the sweet little cottage which is from Dust Bunny and apart of the TAG Gacha Event. The little garden set is from Kaerri. Now, I’ve never really checked out any of their items but I’m a HUGE FAN now. Look at that stunning garden table set! With beautiful iron chairs wrapped in luscious flowers?! It’s amazing. The Vase,Chairs,Table,and Cage are all available at The Fantasy Faire! Make sure to stop by Kaerri and check out their stuff. I mean… It took my breath away.

The Fantasy Faire opens oh-so-soon! Stay tuned for LM’s, Information, and more previews!


Wild FlowersCREDITS

HAIR-Truth by Truth Hawks-Feronia-Variety Pack

CIRCLET-Keystone-Warden-Dark Gold @ TFF 2015

EYES-Paper Moon-Fruhlingszeit-Green e

NECKLACE-Paper Moon-Runic Necklace

GOWN-The White Armory by Bee Dumpling-Forest Fantasy-Rose @ TFF 2015

RINGS-ieQED-Laura & Jessie-Copper

POSE-Del May-Heh #1


TABLE & CHAIRS-Kearri-Flowers Garden Table & Chairs @ TFF 2015

CAGE-Kerri-Pink Rose Cage Chandelier @ TFF 2015

VASE-Kearri-Floral Table Vase @ TFF 2015

COTTAGE-Dust Bunny-Fairy House-Yellow @ TAG Gacha Event


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