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Alright…Alright…Alright. Now before everyone freaks out again, I’m NOT changing my blog to a more modern fashion blog. However, occasionally I’ll post a lil something I enjoy. The last time I blogged something more modern a ton of you freaked out and messaged me in-world. Now, don’t get me wrong…I love hearing from all of you, but don’t worry. I’m NOT changing my blog style. I promise. I will forever be a Medieval/Fantasy Blogger ❤

Sometimes, something catches your eye and you can’t just NOT blog it. In this case, there were a couple things that caught my eye. I wandered through The Season’s Story a couple days ago and picked up some goodies I thought y’all would like to see and things I wanted to prance around in. Zenith released this adorable Gacha set for the event and I totally fell in love. Now, I didn’t win any RARES, so if ya wanna see a RARE blogged, bug Kynne or Duchess. I won the “Bustier Dress” in Milk and the matching “Rattan Bag” in the same color. It’s quite a sweet lil dress. The fit is amazing…and the bag is sheer perfection. Now, I can totally see this bag transformed into some kinda adorable coin purse for Medieval/Fantasy purposes.I totally think it’s worth wandering The Season’s Story to see a couple things. I’m also showing of the new totally DOPEEEEE chairs by {Reverie}. They’re called, “My Hippie Chairs” and they come in three different woods with three different pillow designs. They’re available at !nterlude which opens April 12th @ 6pm to the public.

Happy Friday to you all and remember Fifty Linden Friday is happen’ right this very minute and some super cute stuff is out like this signage from Floorplan called, “Not Today Satan” and some sweet potted Basil plants from Allouette.



HAT-LayGo-Charlotte Flat Bowler Hat-White @ C88

HAIR-Tableau Vivant-Pretty Reckless II-Basics Pack @ C88

SKIN-The Skinnery-Hilde-Champaign @ The Season’s Story

RINGS-ieQed-Jessie & Laura Rings-Copper

NECKLACE-Cila-Butterfly Songs-Light Wood @ We ❤ RP

DRESS-Zenith-Bustier Dress-Milk @ The Season’s Story

BAG-Zenith-Rattan Bag-Milk @ The Season’s Story

PET-Birdy/Alchemy-Chi Chi Chihuahua-Brown


Chairs-{Reverie}-My Hippie Chairs-Here Comes The Sun & Westcoast-Dark Wood @ !nterlude (Opens April 12th)

PLANTS-Alouette-Potted Basil Plants & Seedlings @ FLF

SIGN-Floorplan-Not Today Satan Set @ FLF

FAWN-Half Deer-Deer Planter-White

RECORD ART-{Vespertine}-Vinyl Butterflies

RECORD PLAYER-{Vespertine}-Suitcase Player

SHELF-{Vespertine}-Record Showcase Shelving

…That’s all she wrote. IM me in-world if you have any questions

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