…Her Fairy Glamother…


We  RP  opens on the 4th of each Month

Collabor88  opens on the 8th of each Month

Fantasy Gacha

The Arcade

The Chapter Four opens on the 4th of each Month

Fantasy Collective opens on the 20st of each Month

The Fantasy Room opens on the 5th of each Month

The Countdown Room opens on the 11th of each Month

The Secret Affair opens on the 15th of each Month

GENRE opens on the 15th of each Month

The Arena opens on the 5th

Duchess and I hijacked Spydie’s shoot last night because we’re the worst… We basically laughed for three hours while we messed with his amazing scene. All in good fun of course. You can check out his photo here—>CLICK ME It’s breathtaking of course. So, We ❤ RP is open and I’ve become quite smitten with this adorable dress and wings from Dead Dollz. It’s the cutest. The delicate lace embellishments and whimsical wings just make me swoon with happiness. To top it all off, Cila contributed this gorgeous wooden butterfly necklace for We ❤ RP and it’s absolutely lovely.

I also managed to stop by The Chapter 4 yesterday and picked up a couple of Lode’s gorgeous floral headpieces. They are, as always available as a Gacha…So you’ll need to win your desired headpiece. However, they are all drool worthy…so… there is no losing. I plan on stopping by The Season’s Story today to see what’s up but as you can see, Duchess is wearing one of Aisling’s contributions. Isn’t that crown stunning? I’m a sucker for small, delicate, and best of all, simple crowns. This one is just superb. Perfect for a King, Prince, Princess, or Queen.


In Your DreamsCREDITS

On Sorchiee

Hair-Entwined-Adelaide @ We ❤ RP (April 4th-April 28th)

SKIN-MUDSKIN-Lovely Bell-01-Sunny @ We ❤ RP (April 4th-April 28th)

HEADPIECE-Lode-Nobilis-White @ The Chapter 4 (April 4th-April 31st)

DRESS-Dead Dollz-Starfly-Pink @ We ❤ RP (April 4th-April 28th)

WINGS-Dead Dollz-Starfly-Pink @ We ❤ RP (April 4th-April 28th)

WAND-Atomic-Wish Master

POSE-Original by Spyder Silverfall-NOT FOR SALE

On Duchess

HAIR-Mina- (I gotta ask Duchess…I thinker’s new)

CROWN-Aisling-Princess Of Spring-Gold @ The Season’s Story (Opens April 10th)

OUTFIT-Atomic @ N21

…I’ll get Duchess’s stuff as soon as she gets home…No worries

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