…So Say We All…


We  RP  opens on the 4th of each Month

Collabor88  opens on the 8th of each Month

Fantasy Gacha

The Arcade

The Chapter Four opens on the 4th of each Month

Fantasy Collective opens on the 20st of each Month

The Fantasy Room opens on the 5th of each Month

The Countdown Room opens on the 11th of each Month

The Secret Affair opens on the 15th of each Month

GENRE opens on the 15th of each Month

The Arena opens on the 5th

The Arena is finally open! I hope to a fantastic start >.< I’ve been on Holiday and super busy, though I have had the chance here and there to get online…so pardon if this post isn’t spectacular. I’m wearing a bunch of goodies from the event and I’m just gonna say, this shit is bananas. It’s all wonderful. I’m not just saying that either…look how hot parade looks! Sheesh…I’mma need a cold shower. get your ass over to The Arena. <—-Click da link



HAIR-Damselfly-Hunter @ The Arena

EARS-Mandala-Fantasy Elf Ears

EYES-Ikon-Promise Eyes-Green & Denim

BEARD-Spellbound-Monster beard

NECKLACE-Angel Of Metal-Thor necklace @ The Arena


SPETUM&EARRINGS-Angel Of Metal-[CX]-Blade Set @ The Arena

VEST-Angel Of Metal-Medieval Vest @ The Arena

BRACER (Left Hand)-Angel Of Metal-Medieval Bracelet Unisex @ The Arena

BRACER (Right Hand)-PFC-The Champion @ The Arena

PANTS-SwaGGa-Wildboy Survival pants @ The Arena

WEAPON-::TI::-Stick Nails-Grey @ The Arena


Artisan Fantasy-Stony Hollow Woodcutter Set @ The Arena (Bench RARE, Caddy RARE,Table Tools, various racks) @ The Arena

HELMS-DRD-Ragnarok Helms-Steel & Dark RARE @ The Arena

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