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The Arcade

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Fantasy Collective opens on the 20st of each Month

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Oh, Saturday. How I love you so. Mm…There is nothing in the world like a fresh cup of coffee, good music, and friends. I can’t get enough of it. This months events are slowly rolling into the next month and I’m all too happy to finish up March with a bang! So much has happened this month, good and bad…It’s only made me see things more clearly and have upped my game. I’m going through a transition within my bloggersphere. I’m learning all I can to create gorgeous photos that not only tell a story but also show off the newest items within SL.

That being said… You may see a change in my style. Don’t be alarmed… I’m just trying out new things. I’ll settle eventually. I promise. Duchess and I were kind of wandering about on ippos, trying to find something fun to blog. Well, we settled on this incredible creation from Artisan Fantasy. It’s called, “Stony Hallow” and it’s a still. What’s a still you ask? well, as far as I’m concerned it’s a device used to make delicious alcohol. Y’all know how much I like my wine…but… some Apple Pie Moonshine doesn’t sound bad. Ha! Get it before it’s too late. Its available RIGHT NOW at The secret Affair. I’m wearing some other goodies from TSA. This shirt from {Reverie} called, “Gimmie Shelter” is pretty fantastic. It’s a great cut. I love the sleeveless, casual vibe. I’ve paired it with some slouchy Cargo pants from Apple May and tossed my hair into a casual bun from +elua+.

Happy Shopping



On Sorchiee:

HAIR-+elua+-Hollis @ TC4

LIPSTICK-Clemmm-Female Toy Lips for TMP @ The 2015 Skin Fair

EYES-{Dead Apples}-Marble Eyes-Smoke @ TMD

NECKLACE-ANE-Dark Matter-Gold&Black @ TC4

RINGS-ieQED-Jessi & Laura

SHIRT-{Reverie}-Gimmie Shelter-Female-Red Tartan @ TSA

PANTS-Apple May-Female Cargo Capris-Black

SHOES-Ama.-Pointe Flats-Slate @ TFC <—-NEW


Still-Artisan Fantasy-Stony Hallow @ TSA

On Duchess:

…Coming Soon…

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