…Chains & Gangs…

We  RP  opens on the 4th of each Month

Collabor88  opens on the 8th of each Month

Fantasy Gacha is OPEN

The Arcade is OPEN

The Chapter Four opens on the 4th of each Month

Fantasy Collective opens on the 21st of each Month

The Fantasy Room opens on the 5th of each Month

The Countdown Room opens on the 11th of each month

The Secret Affair opens on the 15th of each Month

Enchantment is CLOSED

Chain GangCREDIT

HAIR-Truth-Bexley-Variety Pack NEW*


HARNESS-The Forge-Apocolypse Harness @ TSA

CHAINS-May’s Soul-The End-Chain Necklace @ TSA

BAG-May’s Soul-The End-Backpack @ TSA

CORSET-Cellar Door-The Badlands Corset-Black @ TSA

SKIRT-Peqe-Deviant Skirt-Black @ TSA

LEGGINGS-erratic-Ripped Leggings

CUFF-Cellar Door-The Badlands Cuff @ TSA

DECOR-DRD-Zombie Hideout @ TSA

POSE-Del May-Heh #1

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