…The Last Of Us…

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The Gang’s all here and we’re ready to take on anything or anyone that comes our way. The Secret Affair opens today and to start the event off with a BOOM Manna, Alisa, Duchess, myself, and Kynne all got together to do an epic post on all things TSA.  As most of you know, the event’s theme is END TIMES. Which means all of this rounds designers have come up with some totally sickening Post-Apocalyptic inspired items for everyone’s enjoyment. Needless to say, this round is incredible. Let’s all give our Event Coordinators, Bloggers, and Designers a round of applause for being so awesome.

I’m lucky enough to be friends with some incredibly talented people and I’m so blessed to have them in my SLife. Especially lucky to have the time to get together and hold still in a photo. Ha! Well, we did it and here is proof:

*Remember to get over to The Secret Affair and show some appreciation by letting us all know what you thought! We’d love to hear your thoughts.


The Last Of Us

On Manna:

Skin~ [theSkinnery] Judy NEW @ The Skin Fair!

Eyeshadow~ [theSkinnery] Nomad only @ The Secret Affair!

Face paint~ .ARISE. Carc Facetattoo @ The Secret Affair!

Hair~ ~Tableau Vivant~ Faux Dreads @ The Secret Affair!

Hair Feathers~ CD Badlands NEW @ The Secret Affair!

Earrings~ .Keystone. Salvaged Mail Earrings @ The Secret Affair!

Armor with Chest Strap~ [The Forge] Tyre Pauldron NEW @ The Secret Affair!

Scarf~ [CX] The Wanderer Scarf NEW @ The Secret Affair now OPEN!

Collar Piece~ .:a:. IronMaiden -Collar Scripted or unscripted! NEW @ The Secret Affair.

Top & Corset~ CD Badlands Corset NEW @ The Secret Affair!

Belt~ :ENIGMA: Smuggler Belt LOVES Only @ The Secret Affair!

Skirt/Kilt~ Pure Poison – Karis Skirt @ THe Secret Affair!

Bracelets~ CD Badlands Wrist Cuff @ The Secret Affair!

Boots~ FDD *Endless* Postapocalyptic Boots NEW @ The Secret Affair!

On Alisa:

Jumpsuit – !gO! – Army – Brown *TSA*

Scarf – CerberusXing [CX] -The Wanderer Scarf – Dirt *TSA*

Boots – Remarkable Oblivion – Last Stand Gacha – Boots Mod1 RARE *The Arcade*

Mask – [SWaGGa] – Roadwarrior Mask *TSA*

Headset – [ContraptioN] – Radio Gacha: Technician’s Headphones *default* (old Arcade item)

Gloves – Remarkable Oblivion – Azrael Gauntlets

Piercing – .ARISE. – Line Piercing *TSA*

Skin – Glam Affair – Alice Jamaica

Hair – Tableau Vivant – Barbarian Dreads

Eye Makeup – Zibska – Macey 11 *Skin Fair*

Eyes – {Dead Apples} – Phantom Snow & Striking Rain

Tattoo – .Reckless. – Sago

On Duchess:
PANTS: Abandon Pants {brown} by Dead Dollz. At TSA

SCARF: Abandon Scarf {brown} by Dead Dollz. At TSA

COLLAR: Fringe leather collar by Tableau Vivant. At TSA

PIERCINGS: Line Piercing by ARISE. At TSA

BRACELET: Apocalyspe bracer {coper} by Kibitz. At TSA

CUFF: Badlands Wrist Cuff by Cellar Door. At TSA

MASK: Ent Times Mask {black} by Meshed Up. At TSA

TATTOO: Henna Body Tattoo {rare} by Demonic. At FGC

KNIVES: Rogue Dagger by Ariskea. At FGC

SKIN: Aeryn {pale} Skin Fair 2015 by PXL

HAIR: Sudden by Magika

POSE: Glance by Del May

On Sorchiee:

HAIR-+elua+-Hollis 1&2-Blacks @ The Chapter 4

HAIR PIECE-Cellar Door-Badlands-Raven Hair Ornament @ TSA

PIERCING-Cellar Door-The Badlands-Septum Piercing @ TSA

CUFF-Cellar Door-The Badlands-Wrist Cuff @ TSA

BELT-!gO!-army-12 @ TSA

JUMPER-!gO!-army-12 Female @ TSA

NECKLACE-Azoury-Hibou Necklace @ TSA

MASK-[SWaGGa]-Captured Mask @ TSA

PAULDRONS-The Forge-Tyre Pauldrons @ TSA

HARNESS-The Forge-Apocalypse Harness @ TSA

BOOTS-[Decoy]-Neve Boots-Black

On Kynne :
Horns : Pure Poison – Na-imah Horns. At TSA.

Gas Mask and Armour : RO Remarkable Oblivion – Last Stand.

Belt : !Go – from female overall outfit. At TSA.

Skirt : Pure Poison – Karis Skirt. At TSA.

Leggings : Tableau Vivant – leather skinnies. At TSA.

Boots : Pure Poison – Alya Boots.

Hair : MINA – Ashton, and hairbase MINA Bas.

Arm Shield and Ax : 22769 – Outlander Gacha. At TSA.

Décor :
Shelter with sandbags : 22769 – The Shelter. At TSA.

*All poses by Del May

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