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We  RP  opens on the 4th of each Month OPEN

Collabor88  opens on the 8th of each Month

Fantasy Gacha is OPEN

The Arcade is OPEN

The Chapter Four opens on the 4th of each Month OPEN

Fantasy Collective opens on the 21st of each Month

The Fantasy Room opens on the 5th of each Month OPEN

The Countdown Room opens on the 11th of each month

The Secret Affair opens on the 15th of each Month

Enchantment is CLOSED

Happy FRIDAY! Yep… the greatest day of the week has finally arrived and with it so many fun goodies! So many events are open and it’s just so overwhelming. I’m okay with it though, because… LOOK AT ALL THE SHINNIES! I haven’t checked out Fifty Linden Friday yet, but I do know Dysfunctional Designs released some awesome 1Li Dragonflies that flutter magically. I’m so sick of the shitty particles and I’m so glad to see that DDD is taking everything further and releasing awesome things like the sweet dragonflies.

—>CLICK ME for Dragonfly goodness<—

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 1.10.27 PM

I finally got my butt over to The Arcade Gacha and picked up a few dozen goodies! Pixicat’s contribution this round is spectacular and what inspired this photo! The dress is called, “Wonderland” and I’m wearing it in white. I also razzed the RARE “Wonderland” Cat basket which makes me giggle overtime I see those three eyed kittens in whimsical colors. Olive released this bitchen hair called, “Daisy” and I’m quite taken with it. I love the short messy braid and cool faded colors. Remember to Trade, Sell, or Buy responsibly and have fun! Last, but not least is this AWESOME skin release for The Fantasy Room by Lumae. It’s called, “Odette” and I’m wearing it in Cream. It includes a bunch of appliers including The mesh project! I’m all giggly happy about it because I love the softness and the wee freckles make me feel young and pretty. It’s available NOW!



HAIR-Olive-Daisy-Hud 3 RARE @ TAG

SKIN-Lumae-Odette-Cream @ TFR

UNICORN ACCESORIES-Half Deer-Unicorn Tail & Horn set

DRESS-Pixicat-Wonderland dress-White @ TAG

SHOES-Pixicat-Unicorn Heels-White

POSE-Doubletake-Oxygen-In Space & Time

SET UP by Kynne Llewellyn ❤ Love you, baby


COUCH-Boudoir– Spring Enchanted Recliner

DEER-Half Deer-Dik Dik-Momo Unicorn RARE & Dusty COMMON @ TAG

CATS-Pixicat-Wonderland Basket of Cats RARE @ TAG

STUMP-Half Deer-Spring Eternal Stump Chair-Starry @ TAG

SHROOMS-A.D.D. Andel-Mushroom Fairy Ring

*All LINKS are at the top of the page

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  1. Imogen Jie says:

    Ooooh I want those dragonflies.

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