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GUYS! Guess what?! I’ve been made an official DDD (Dysfunctional Designs) blogger! Squee! As some of you may know, DDD is my absolute favorite go to for home decor, builds, and other fun things! My entire sim is DDD and I’m so honored to have been chosen. I cannot wait to get started! DDD is quality, super low prim furniture and builds that are just out of this world good! Now, it’s mostly Medieval/Fantasy inspired, but they’ve been branching out with more modern goodies for you Urbanites.

The background for this photo is DDD’s “Khan’s Keep” Skybox. It’s a gorgeous medieval castle with outstanding texture work and just an overall gorgeous atmosphere. It’s available now along with some of the items I’m wearing at We ❤ RP. My gorgeous friends at Algeria released this awesome set called, “Young Morgana” and it’s breathtaking. I love the meshwork and texture. So flattering and versatile. It can be worn layered with pants for a more adventurist look or alone for a simple chic look. Either way, it’s pretty awesome and it comes in a variety of colors! You can also grab up the matching Staff which is so fucking great! It’s basically a rat’s head on a stick and I’m obsessed with it. been swinging it about all morning! I’ve added Khyl Sion’s “Corvia Collar” and Pixicat’s “Gladiator” boots in black!

I’m also sporting Soonski’s new “Vintage Doll” hair from Chapter 4! It’s pretty fun, right? I like a good bump and bang, which coincidently is the name of my next band. I’m surrounded by various objects, but I’ll point out the new itms for you. My beloved, Raven from Ravenghost Interiors has two new releases for the Twisted Hunt! If you look closely you’ll notice a candle on a pair of crossed bones and a mysterious looking cube? yeah, those are his releases for the Twisted Hunt and lemme just say… they are both crazy good! The “Lament Cube Companion” is scripted to follow you, Guard you, or stay and it’s also scripted to change textures and colors. It’s pretty neat!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Give me a heads up with your thoughts in the comments! I love feedback! Remember to show your support for these events!


Morgana Le Fey


HAIR-Soonski-Vinatge Doll-Gothics @ Chapter 4

COLLAR-Kyhl Sion-Corvia Collar @ We ❤ RP

DRESS-Algeria-Young Morgana-Black @ We ❤ RP

STAFF-Algeria-Young Morgana Witch Rat Weapon-Blue/grey @ We ❤ RP

BOOTS-Pixicat-Gladiator Boots-Black

POSE-Axix-Lady Crow-06


BUILD-DDD-Khan’s Keep Skybox @ We ❤ RP

CUBE-Ravenghost Interiors-Lament Cub Companion @ Twisted Hunt

CANDLE-Ravenghost Interior-Bone Candle @ Twisted Hunt

CUBE Bone Candle

Cube_011 Cube_010 Cube_009 Cube_008 Cube_007

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  1. Alegria says:

    Reblogged this on ALEGRIA Studio and commented:
    Sorchiee is wearing our new realize for the We ❤ RP in her new gorgeous picture post done inside a wonderful medieval castle. Don't miss it!!! We can see really Morgana in her younger years. Thanks Sorchiee ^_^<3

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