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We  RP  opens on the 4th of each Month OPEN

Collabor88  opens on the 8th of each Month

Fantasy Gacha is OPEN

The Arcade is OPEN

The Chapter Four opens on the 4th of each Month OPEN

Fantasy Collective opens on the 21st of each Month

The Fantasy Room opens on the 5th of each Month OPEN

The Countdown Room opens on the 11th of each month

The Secret Affair opens on the 15th of each Month

Enchantment is CLOSED

It’s been a couple of days since my last post… The Holidays make me absolutely insane and I didn’t want to dive headfirst into any blogging without being completely in the right mind. Ha! As some of you may already know (If you read Duchess Flux’s blog) She and I are neighbors! That’s right. I moved next-door to her… because, ya know… we couldn’t get enough of each other. Ha! However, I have another neighbor that I’ve already raved about. His name is Raven and he’s the mastermind behind Ravenghost Interiors! Yes, he’s that guy that made the incredible Lunar Temple for the last round of The Secret Affair. Well, he’s back with some lovely things that are available at The Winter Trends Event and The Twisted Kirssmas Event!

So, as far as the background of this image, you’ll see that I’ve blogged this before. It’s the gorgeous Chapel available RIGHT NOW at Winter Trends. It comes with a built in weather system and the textures are simply superb, but the other exciting thing I wanted to show you is this freaking fantastic fireplace for Twisted Krissmas! It’s amazing, right?! Not only does it have a hand warming animation when you get near, but it has a built in menu with a variety of different options to control the fire, smoke, and overall size of the piece. As with all Raven’s items, this is highly textured and completely realistic. I’m not just saying this because he’s my neighbor and my friend, but because it’s true. He’s seriously a talented designer and if you haven’t already checked out his other items, I suggest you do so. he’s one to watch!

Now…Onto what I’m wearing… I decided to go with a slightly gothic, very fantastical, and incredible sexy outfit with pieces from We ❤ RP, The Fantasy Room, and The Fantasy Collective! I’m pretty obsessed with these robes from PEQE and this stunning corset from FDD. I hope you love them as much as me and I hope you’re enjoying your Tuesday! have you done your rounds through 25L Tuesday? You probably should.


Onanopenfire 3 Onanopenfire 2 Onanopenfire 1CREDITS:

HAIR-RA-Luna @ TOP SHELF’S Seelie Court

Crown-Algeria-Ice Crown-Black Ice @ TFR

JEWELRY-MG-The Moon & Stars For You (Earrings & Necklace)


COLLAR-FDD-Winter Collar-Grey @ We ❤ RP

ROBE-PEQE-The princess Robes @ We ❤ RP

SKIRT-PEQE-Mer Skirt-Black


BUILD-Ravenghost Interiors-Gothic Chapel w/ weather scene experience @ Winter Trends

FIREPLACE-Ravenghost Interiors-Steaminator Fireplace @ Twisted Krissmas!

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