Wrap Me In Fur…

We  RP is OPEN

Collabor88 is OPEN

Fantasy Gacha is OPEN

The Arcade is CLOSED

The Chapter Four is OPEN

Fantasy Collective is CLOSED

The Fantasy Room is OPEN

The Countdown Room  is OPEN

The Secret Affair is OPEN

Enchantment is OPEN

Mystic Realms Fair is CLOSED

Another Monday is upon us! Let us rejoice! Ha… I know, it sucks. However, there is so much to look forward to in SL. Have you been to The Secret Affair yet? If not, I suggest you get in your carriage and go! Today I thought I’d bring you some loveliness from May’s Soul. She’s created a gorgeous set of skirts in different layers of fur AND a Gacha set of different fur shawls, bracelets, and horns. Let’s talk about the skirt first. I love it. I love the way it fits and how it drags along the ground after you. Plus the rustic fur layers make it perfect for Role Play. I was inspired to create some kind of willing character when I saw this skirt. It’s available now at TSA!

My girlie, Duchess Flux challenge me to do the #SLBAREFACECHALLENGE. The rules are simple, you need to wear a bare face. No makeup…no attachments…no photoshopping. Challenge accepted, Duchess!


Bare 2


HAIR-Little Bones-Spell II @ TSA

SKIN-Glam Affair-Cassia-America

OUTFIT-May’s Soul-Harvest Moon (Skirt, Bracelet, Horns, & Fur Shawl) @ TSA

LOCATION-Harrowdale-A Forgotten Realm’s Sim

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