As the Leaves Fall…-NEW from The Secret Affair!

We  RP is OPEN

Collabor88 is OPEN

Fantasy Gacha is OPEN

The Arcade is CLOSED

The Chapter Four is OPEN

Fantasy Collective is OPEN

The Fantasy Room is OPEN

The Countdown Room  is OPEN

The Secret Affair is CLOSED until the 15th

Enchantment is OPEN

Mystic Realms Fair is CLOSED

The Gathering is CLOSED

Secret Affair - Harvest Moon - 300X300

Hey there, friends!

It’s Tuesday and we are so close to opening The Secret Affair! Leaves are falling all around me in an array of colors and it only inspires me to delve deeper into nature. I decided to throw on this fantastic little dress from Lassitude & Ennui for TSA called, “Fomhar”. It’s such a stunning piece. The textures are rich and realistic and the wrapped belt is so flattering. It comes in a variety of colors but I was partial to the brown. I also threw on the “Torque” necklace from Lassitude & Ennui which is also available at TSA. It’s a simple look, but I’ve been trending that way for a while.

I walk around different RP sims and I just see people with piles of jewelry and other accessories… It’s kind of a lot. So, i’ve strayed from that and have been trying to simplify my wardrobe. It’s also good for my devastating lag. Ha! I’ve also pictured the new Staff from FDD called, “Harvest” in Rowan. It’s available at TSA along with so many awesome goodies! I just love when designers put all sorts of little details in their designs, which has been done with this staff.

I hope to see you all at The Secret Affair on the 15th!

wandering faun 3

wandering faun 2

wandering faun1CREDITS

HAIR-Olive-The Mir Hair-Lipstick @ TFGC

STAFF-FDD-Harvest Staff @ TSA

NECKLACE-Lassitude & Ennui-Torque @ TSA

DRESS-Lassitude & Ennui-Fomhar @ TSA

SANDALS-On A Lark-Walker-Brown

BRACER-On A Lark-RPGear-Renzo Bracer NEW

LOCATION-Harrowdale-A Forgotten Realms Sim


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