A Walk Through the Woods…

We  RP is OPEN

Collabor88 is OPEN

Fantasy Gacha is OPEN

The Arcade is CLOSED

The Chapter Four is OPEN

Fantasy Collective is OPEN

The Fantasy Room is OPEN

The Countdown Room  OPENS on the 11th

The Secret Affair is OPEN

Enchantment is OPEN

Mystic Realms Fair is CLOSED

The Gathering is CLOSED

Happy Thursday!

Today I went and visited the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and came away with some great finds! If you haven’t been, you’re totally missing out. I’m completely impressed with the amount of talent this round. My first stop was obviously to Junbug, but I didn’t win a single gown! and that was after I spent 1000L on the gacha! Ha! I only won collars and necklaces. I was a bit disappointed, but it’s okay! I love the collars and necklaces. I’m wearing one of the collars on golden/vert below. I’m also wearing the awesome Damselfly hair from TFG called, “Gretchen”. It’s a lovely hair for those of us wanting that windblown look. Ha!

I’m also obsessed with this outfit from !gO!. it’s available in a variety of colors are TFGC. I immediately knew I was going to do a woodland themed look. I paired the awesome belt and bracer from OAL/Sweet Poison. These bracers and belts are absolutely amazing!!!! I love that I can incorporate it into my RP. I’m wearing the “all purpose” bracer and “smithy” belt. These are all available at the event.

My one last item is this super cute druidic staff from Apple Fall. It comes with that adorable pose you see! Go check out the TFGC and let me know how you like it!



Woodelf1CREDITS-Damselfly-Gretchen-Light Browns @ TFGC

NECKLACE-Junbug-Grecian Seduction Collar-Golden Vert @ TFGC

SHIRT&SKIRT-!gO!-Ranger-1 @ TFGC

PANT-Sweet Kajira-Arcip-Brown @ TFGC

BELT&BRACER-OAL/Sweet Poison-RPGear-All purpose bracer & Smithy belt @ TFGC

STAFF-AF/AL-Ritual Staff @ TFGC

BOOTS-Ison-Cult Riding Boots-Brown

LOCATION-Harrowdale-A Forgotten Realms Sim

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