Ox Blood Priestess-NEW from The Fantasy Room!

We  RP is Closed

Collabor88 is OPEN

Fantasy Gacha is ClOSED

The Arcade is CLOSED

The Chapter Four is OPEN

Fantasy Collective is OPEN

The Fantasy Room OPENS on the 5th

The Countdown Room  OPENS on the 11th

The Secret Affair is CLOSED until the 15th

Enchantment is OPEN

Mystic Realms Fair is CLOSED

The Gathering is CLOSED

The Fantasy Room opens soon and I am thrilled with the choices available this round! I’m getting a very “Forest Priestess” vibe from the Designers and I LOVE it. I’m showing off the “Bulmi” fitted mesh sheath from Sweet Kajira, the “Leaves” wreath and “Floating Leaves” from Persefona, and the “Moon” cane from Una. Each item is wonderfully designed and they all happen to pair so well together. I especially love the “Bulmi” fitted sheath. It’s perfect to wear alone or over some leather leggings.

The Rack Poses is participating in The Fantasy Gacha Carnival and they’ve created a magnificent pose series called, “Priestess”. I love the gentle movements and lines… The poses come with an Eagle and sometimes a staff (pending on which pose you receive). Keystone has also released items for TFGC and they are absolutely lovely! I’m wearing the “Farra” armlets and Headpiece in Garnet. All of these stand out even more when paired with Peqe’s “Ellaria” vest which is also available at TFGC! 

Fall is transitioning into Winter and it always surprises me how fast the years go by… I’ve been in SL a good long while, as you can tell I’ve been blogging ever since and it’s been such a wonderful outlet. I’m so incredibly lucky to have such wonderful friends and family in SL. As I sit in my PJ’s and type this, i realize how much of a community we have… Let’s all be thankful for this, this November.


Ox Blood Priestess 3

Oc Blood Priestess 2

Ox Blood Priestess 1CREDITS

HAIR-Little Bones-Kills No. 2-Reds


VEST-Peqe-Ellaria-Red Damask @ TFGC

SHEATH-Sweet Kajira-Bulimi @ TFR

STAFF-Una-Moon Cane @ TFR

WREATH-Persefona-Leaves Wreath @ TFR

BOOTS-Lassitude and Ennui-Embroidered Boots-Red

POSE-The Rack-Priestess @ TFGC

LOCATION-Harrowdale-A Forgotten Realms Sim

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