Blue Sorceress- New from The Mystic Realm’s Fair

We  RP is Closed

Collabor88 is OPEN

Fantasy Gacha is ClOSED

The Arcade is CLOSED

The Chapter Four is OPEN

Fantasy Collective is CLOSED

The Fantasy Room is OPEN <—New Round

The Countdown Room is OPEN <—-New Round

The Secret Affair is CLOSED

Enchantment is CLOSED

Mystic Realms Fair is OPEN

The Gathering is OPEN

Yep, I finally got around to checking out The Mystic Realm’s Fair! ACK! The amount of awesomeness packed into this one event is truly awe-inspiring. The very best designers of fantasy in Second Life are all in this lovely and quaint village set-up all selling the very best of Fantasy. Each Designer has also placed Mystic realm Exclusive items out, that will only be available at the event! So far, it’s taken me two days to get through the villages… and I’m still not finished. BLAH!

As you wander through the gorgeous towns, you’re surrounded by Autumnal weather, with leaves in shades of orange, red, and yellow…cobbled stone paths, and gorgeous blue skye. It’s truly a beautiful event. Today, I thought I’d share some goodies from May’s Soul, AD, and Peqe. 

What I wore… I was completely taken with this gorgeous blue Lingerie set from, May’s Soul called, “Nima”. The delicate sculpting and texturing make this a one of a kind piece that will surly be a go to in your SL closet… I mean, you can wear it as is, or place it under things…over things… It’s so incredibly versatile. I’ve paired it with the new “Anike” jewelry set from my gorgeous boo, Viaa of Keystone. The Jewelry set comes in both Gold and Silver and of course various gorgeous gemstones. I chose to go with the Silver and Sapphire. The crown and Cuffs are rustic and feminine in the same breath. I truly love everything she does. I’ma fan for life.

I also am wearing this exclusive hair from Analogue Dog called, “Aerie”. It can be found at The Mystic Realm’s Fair. It comes with both the mesh and flex versions to give that extra Oomph to any look. I love the soft waves… so pretty. Finally, I paired it all with Peqe’s new mermaid skirt for Tales Of Fantasy! Inex always does an amazing job, but I love the direction she is going in… I’m completely obsessed with her items. I mean, this skirt literally goes with anything. That’s why I’ve been loving lately…is, instead of outfits, Designer’s are going about things in a different manner, in order to fully allow the consumer to make it their own. LOVE.

…Anywho. I hope you enjoyed this post.



Blue Sorceress 3

Blue Sorceress 2

Blue Sorceress 1

Blue Sorceress



EARS-Mandala-Fantasy Elf Ears

EYES-Ikon-Hope Eyes-Evening NEW

JEWELRY-Keystone-Anike-Silver/Sapphire NEW

LINGERI-May’s Soul-Nima-BLUE @ MRF

SKIRT-Peqe-Mermaid Skirt-Blue @ TOF

STAFF-A.D.D Andel-Spirel Mage Staff-Crystal @ The Gathering

POSES-Axix-Lady Crow @ MRF

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