Dark Times…-NEW from The Fantasy Room!

Hello! Hello!

I’m so sorry I’ve been absent… I’ve been shooting a movie in Iowa, but I’m back now and ready to show you all the awesome goodies that are available across the grid! My first blog back will be highlighting things from October’s Fantasy Room! If you do NOT know what TFR is, let me elaborate. It’s a monthly event, featuring the best Fantasy Designers in Second Life, such as: OrisiniRed, TGW, and OAL.

I was so excited to see a couple new designers joining the Fantasy Room ranks! I hope you enjoy, and I’ll be throwing more blogs up today and all this week to make up for my lack of an online presence.

❤ Sorchiee

Darktimes2 Darktimes1CREDITS


EYES-Ikon-Promise Eyes-Green

SKIN-Glam Affair for The Shops NEW

EARS-Mandala-Fantasy Elf Ears

JEWELRY-Alegria-Beast Warrior Arrow Jewelry @ TFR

DRESS-Mistique-Little She Urt-Brown @ TFR

POSE-The Rack-Tree Stump w/ Props @ TFR


Serenity Style-Autum Ladder & Mr. Pumpkin Gacha (RARE) @ TFR

DDD-Stone Bench

DDD-Ivy Trellis Lantern

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