Autumn Evenings…-NEW from The Secret Affair!

We  RP is OPEN <—New Round

Collabor88 is OPEN

Fantasy Gacha is ClOSED

The Arcade is OPEN

The Chapter Four is OPEN

Fantasy Collective is OPEN

The Fantasy Room is OPEN <—New Round

The Countdown Room is OPEN <—-New Round

The Secret Affair opens September 15th!

Enchantment is CLOSED

As The Secret Affair draws ever near my little heart starts beating like a hummingbird! May’s Soul released some amazing previews for her contribution to TSA’s September round! Not only did she release this incredibly gorgeous, sleek, and sophisticated gown, but she also released a dozen Gacha items ranging from Crows to Stoles. I’m thrilled to see more and more designers taking part in this event, because it truly is a well thought out and organized event… Plus, all my Blogging besties run it and…come on… They are awesome!

Stitched also released some fun Pauldrons and Juno from Junbug released some very lovely armlets! All of which will be available September 15th! I’m also showcasing some of the incredible decor available from 22769. I am absolutely in love with this set… I mean, it’s so thought out and lovely… From the portraits to the harp. This is a must see when you’re at the event… Truly beautiful pieces.

There will be more previews to come so keep an eye out!

❤ Sorchiee

Autumnal Love

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 7.04.11 PM


HAIR-Truth-Posy-Variety Pack NEW

CROWN-Wayne-Gold @ TSA*

GOWN-May’s Soul-Crow Gown-Blue Leather @ TSA*

STOLE-May’s Soul-Crow Gacha @ TSA*

PAULDRONS-Stitched-Feather Pauldrons @ TSA*

ARMlets-Junbug-Nevermore Armlets @ TSA*

DECOR-22769-Fall of the House of Usher Set @ TSA*

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