The Family That Kills Together…-NEW from Junbug!

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The Arcade is CLOSED

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The family that worships the Devil together stays together…right? Ha! Happy Labor Day, friends! A few announcements before we get into the clothing…

First of all, congratulations to Peace, who won our Character Contest! I truly loved reading your character sheet and I’m happy to announce that you will receive 1000L Shopping Spree! Yay! Also, I’ve been working a ton and thus have not posted my daily blogs… I’m going to try and change that. It’s just difficult to juggle it all!

What I Wore…Juno Mantel of Junbug just released this incredible gown for Fameshed called, “Ariel”. The gown is so sexy and sophisticated, but soft and versatile at the same time. I can see Role Players wearing this in a variety of ways, but also just being a gorgeous gown to prance around the grid in. I’ve paired it with some accessories from Sweet Posion, Keystone, and FDD! Make sure to check out all the new releases coming from these awesome designers. I know Junbug has a whole mess of awesome releases coming out and Viaa from Keystone is making gorgeous crowns and jewelry that is breaking the mold of SL jewelry designers (It’s why I love her)

I got Rhouthillios and Ella to pose with me… LOL! Their credits will be listed below as well. Oh! Remember that it’s now SEPTEMBER!!!! New rounds for the events above will be starting very soon! Keep your eye out on these stores Flickr Feeds… That’s where all the good previews are!





On Sorchiee

HAIR-Lamp-Pandora-Variety Pack @ C88

CROWN-Keystone-Malin-Onxy @ TFC

ACCESSORIES-Sweet Posion-GOW Set (Bracers, Necklace, & Headpiece)

PROP-May’s Soul-Spellbook-w/ Snake @ TFC

FUR-Peqe-Two Stoles-Twisted Balck @ TOF

GOWN-Junbug-Ariel-Ink @ Fameshed

On Ella

Head Piece: Una. skull chains @ Una Main Store

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Freya @ Truth Hair Main Store

Tears: Izzie’s – Mascara Tears + Redness Tattoo (From Izzie’s – I’m not feeling very well) @ Izzie’s Marketplace Store

Lipstick: no. 7 LIPSTICK – shades of grey @ No. 7 Boutique Main Store

Collar: [The Forge] Eldar Collar, Black @ [The Forge] Main Store

Dagger: [TWG] Marge Snake dagger (From: [TWG] Marge dress purple) @ Torvis Gorean Weapons Main Store

Shirt: Cellar Door Iduna Black @ Cellar Door Main Store

Pants: [TWG] Desert girl black @ Torvis Gorean Weapons Main Store

On Rhouthillios

Helm: Hanzo Blades – Medieval Helmet – Rogue

Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Evie Hair

Chest Plate: DPD – The North

Cloak/Cape: Peqe – Viking

Bracers: DPD – Iron Overlord

Belt: DPD – Iron Overlord

Loincloth: DLS~Valiant

Pants: DPD – Rebel

Boots: DPD – The North

One Comment Add yours

  1. Peace (sweet.darkfury) says:

    Cheers from the sidelines doing a hula dance throwing confetti ! Yahooo!I am winner =D

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