All You Need Is A Little Voodoo-NEW from The Fantasy Collective!


Collabor88 is OPEN <—NEW ROUND

Fantasy Gacha is OPEN

The Arcade is CLOSED

The Chapter Four is OPEN <—- NEW ROUND

Fantasy Collective is OPEN

The Fantasy Room is OPEN <—NEW ROUND

The Countdown Room is OPEN <—NEW ROUND

The Secret Affair is CLOSED

Enchantment is OPEN <—NEW ROUND

Sorry I’ve been absent for the last week… Meh. I can’t believe I missed the opening of The Fantasy Collective! I’m absolutely obsessed with this round… The theme is “The bayou” or something along those lines…so there is a ton of Voodoo/Hoodoo themed items. If you don’t know already, I’m pretty into witchy stuff, Voodoo, Magic…

I think it’s all rather fascinating an wonderful! So, I was pleasantly surprised with all the goodies set out for this round. Items ranging from Armor to Gowns decorate the Swamp land. I had a blast floating around picking up this and that, imagining all the cool stuff I’ll be able to put together.

What I Wore…The first items to jump out at me were the badass “Facilier Possession” shorts from Haste and the “High Voodoo Boots” from FDD. The meshwork and detail in the texture is suburb and both of these items are so versatile. I think both are a must have for anyones closet. The shorts will pair so well with so many things, especially the “Open Gown” from PEQE a while back… The sandals are fun and perfect for any look, really… I paired both items with the “Barony” hair from Tableau Vivant which comes with the awesome hat! I layered jewelry from Pekka, Sweetlies, and Izzie’s. All of which are available at The Fantasy Collective. Keystone also has a lovely crown/circlet available at the event, I’m pretty in love with it! It’s called, “Malin/Ward” and I love the Old Gold Color… So pretty.

I hope you enjoy!







On Sorchiee

HAIR-Tableau Vivant-Barony @ TFC

CROWN-Keystone-Malin/Ward-Old Gold @ TFC

NECKLACE 1-Sweetlies designs-Voodoo @ TFC

NECKLACE 2-Pekka-Supernatural Pendent @ TFC

NECKLACE 3-Izzie’s- Vial of Blood and Fangs @ TFC

SHORTS-Haste-Facilier Possession @ TFC

EYES-Buzz-Voodoo Eyes- Fallen @ TFC


BOOK-May’s Soul-Spellbook w/ Snake

SANDALS-FDD-High Voodoo Sandals-Black-RARE @ TFC


On Padaric

HAIR-Tableau Vivant-Baron @ TFC

MASK-Boom-Bonnwi-Gold @ TFC


PANTA-Yasum-Mad Leathers @ TFC

WEAPONS-Obscure-Islander pack @ TFC

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