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You guys! I want to make this blog more interactive and user friendly… I’m not exactly sure how this is going to happen, but I do know I want more back and forth with you guys! Polls, giveaways, games… all that good stuff! I know this is an SL blog and nobody actually cares about the typist, but… let’s change that. Let’s start having discussions and all sorts of different conversations.

To begin this new phase of blogging, I thought I’d share a bit about the Avatar you see in all my post. Shall we begin?

Character Name: Niamh Caitrinn Sliebheen Eylwindir Silma (woof….I know…it’s long)

Race: High Elven with Fae Bloodlines

Age: 528 (Appears to be in her late thirties)

Marital Status: Married

Spouse: Inaka Silma

Children: Ellamae Sorcha Silma

Finbar Lachlan Silma

Niamh was born and raised in The Realm of Mystara, Her Mother Sorcha was Ruler there until her passing. Since then, Niamh holds a position in the council in Ered Eithel and is a Princess of the Edalie Bloodlines… I’ve been playing this character for two years and before that, I played her Mother, Sorcha for four years. Second Life is different for everyone, for me it’s a place of creation and a place to Role Play. I may not blog many Urban or Modern clothing, mainly due to the fact that I stay in Character when online….but the Fantasy clothing, objects, and decor i blog are all used in my Role Play. It’s interesting to go out and about shopping IN WORLD and be stopped by others who read my blog! It’s flattering and makes me feel good, but they’re so surprised when they see my titler… “Oh! So you ARE a Role Player…” Ha…yes.

So…My question to all of you is… Do you Role Play? If so… I wanna hear your character backstories! Post ’em in the comments along with a picture 😀 At random, I’ll choose one of you and the winner will receive 1000L shopping spree on me! Get some new goodies for your character.

What I Wore…Today I’m wearing this incredible gown from Peqe called, “Majestic”. It’s available at We ❤ RP and comes in a range of gorgeous colors. The cool thing about this gown is… the sleeves stay the way they are pictured! That’s right, the gown was made to be this way… I LOVE IT! It works with any AO, because it’s an alpha that hides your arms… Genius. The texturing is so superb that I feel as if my words would never do it justice… Just go and get this gown for yourself! It suits my character so perfectly… Regal and vibrant…I’m also wearing the new “Sadhana” jewelry set from aisling. It’s beyond breathtaking…Also, this set is jam packed with bracelets, rings, earrings, a tiara…necklace…fans… I mean… come on! Remember…it’s a Gacha, so you gotta win them. It’s available right now at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival! So go…and tell me all that you bought!

SorchieeGreen Goddess 3 Green Goddess 2 Green Goddess 1CREDITS


EARS-Mandala-Fantasy Elf Ears

EYES-Ikon-Promise Eyes-Green

JEWELRY-.asiling.-Sadhana @ TFGC

GOWN-Peqe-Majestic-Green @ We ❤ RP

LOCATION-The Realm Of Mystara-Ered Eithel

One Comment Add yours

  1. Peace (sweet.darkfury) says:

    Let me get this out now.I very much enjoy your blog.I enjoy all the sneak peeks of the shinys from events.So thank you for sharing!

    Well let me say my favorite character has been Peace.He’s changed alot of time growing and learning over the days and I could go into the extended history of him.(He’s sure done alot for a kiddo in the years given to him!) But I’m going to limit it to his newest changes in his life.

    Full Character Name:King Peace Selene
    Character’s Age: 72 looks 16
    Character Race: Siren/Avariel
    Alignment: Chaotic neutral

    Peace very much fell in love at first sight with the mer princess of Mystara.A heartfelt romance it effected him greatly.Though they were of difference races Him a bird and her a fish he still had hope everything could be alright and they could live together in the future. Much of his struggles were to have a chance to be a part of her world and to finally become of the merfolk he grew to love. He gave everything he possible could and took many merfin potions even at the risk of his health so he may be at her side.Where not even the great seas could divide them.
    Over time the potion rot his legs from within and he lost much of his ability to walk.(Even having them break off at one point but *laughes* That’s an other story) Though the lad did not care of himself as he got to live in her underwater world as the princesses one and only.Though there come a point he could no longer transform back and he remained stuck between a bird and fish form.Greatly saddened and lamented with growing pain of his unnatural form .The princess thought his new body hideous and soon left him .The child broken after after everything he went through for the woman he loved only to be discarded just wanted to escape his own foolishness… let the waters take him away .
    The boy was carried to Estara and from there he was given new home and a chance of life .Though he had left everything he had behind he found a new soul..a gentle soul His future mother Kiani who adopted him.The woman turned out to be the queen of Alaris the kingdom of the waterkin.There the boy began to heal leaving behind the ways of a warrier and instead taking a path of a healer much like the mer queen as he tried to make her proud. His new life brought him peace and Kinai had brought him a family with all his baby sisters.Those were truly some of the happiest days of his life.There was strive though as a great plague would befall the sea and land striking down many in sickness.The queen would leave with her younger children to save their lifes though peace a much weaker soul now would be the first to die in the plague.
    Living restless as a spirit the young child wailed crying for the mother that had left him in his weakest moment .Days after ,the queen after hearing of the lad’s death brought the arch healer to revive the boy.Happy at being able to hug and touch his was short lived.Death had only been the boy’s 2nd trail after the princess.Fate hand dealt the boy an other card and it came in the form of a crown.The queen could no longer stay that much was true. To protect his sisters she left once more but not before granting the throne and the rights of the kingdom to the young teen.Now the child rules as the ‘Song of Alaris’ .The waterfolk’s king..something he never expected in his days there.He is in a difficult time in his life without his family near and struggles daily..facing the responsibility given to him at such a young age and duties to his kin he must know bare.In this new life where the needs of the many require him to be an adult he strains over balancing and still keeping his children hood from falling apart. Though he has had a long life it feels at now it is only beginning but he is determined to bring happiness and prosperity to the waterfolk as much as Kiani did to his own life.

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