What Once Was Lost…-NEW from TFGC, Keystone, & May’s Soul!

We  RP opens August 6th!

Collabor88 is OPEN

Fantasy Gacha opens August 8th-Spetember 8th!

The Arcade is CLOSED

The Chapter Four is OPEN

Fantasy Collective is CLOSED

The Fantasy Room is OPEN <—NEW ROUND

The Countdown Room is OPEN <—NEW ROUND

The Secret Affair is OPEN

Enchantment is OPEN <—NEW ROUND

Happy Tuesday, Lovers.

Have you scooted your pixelated booties through 25L Tuesday? I have and BOY oh BOY! Such fabulous offerings… Keystone, Luas, May’s Soul, Painfully Divine… I mean, so many awesome creators! I picked up a bit of everything….though this post isn’t actually about 25L Tuesday.

So, I was chillin’ with my boy, Evan for most of the day…chatting. hitting up stores, and making fun of each other when a notice from The Fantasy Gacha Carnival Early Birds came in. It said that they would no longer be allowing people to enter early because some fucking asshole decided to SELL some of the Gacha items! I mean, come on! Seriously… what kind of no good, boot licking, ugly fuck does that? Whoever you are, I hope you rot… NOT COOL, man. It ruins it for those of us WHO ACTUALLY respect the event.

But…whatev. Sorry for the rant… Just had to get it outta my system. I’m featuring this gorgeous gown and jewelry set from may’s Soul, a crown from Keystone, and the Tia “Empress” hair Pieces—all of which will be available August 8th at TFGC. I wish I could have enjoyed my peaceful stroll through the carnival before shit hits the fan…


P.S. Can we please Buy, Sell, and Trade responsibly? Thanks.


On Sorchiee:

HAIR-Spellbound-Jezebel NEW!!!!

EARS-Mandala-Fantasy Elf Ears

EYES-Ikon-Promise Eyes-Green

HEADPIECE-Keystone-Miredi’el @ TFGC

JEWELRY SET-May’s Soul-Mei Mei Jewelry set @ TFGC

GOWN-May’s Soul-Green Dress @ TFGC


On Ev:

OUTFIT-PFC-The Guard @ The Secret Affair

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